(# 1 SHE Saga) She Wants What She Wants

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

She won’t leave me alone.
We talk and we talk for hours, going in circles. I explain to her why she can’t have what she wants. I think she understands, and I tell her that I am done, that we are done talking about it.
She sniffles and she walks away.
Not five minutes later, she’s back and she wants to talk about it again. She makes me want to bang my head into a wall until I can’t hear her anymore.
I don’t know what to do with her, how to silence her.
Sometimes, she won’t listen at all. She cries, she screams, she yells, and she demands her own way.
She wants what she wants and nothing I say will make her give up on it.
It’s not possible, I explain. We have tried your way. Over and over with the same pain filled results.
When she doesn’t…

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Our Muse

Source of Inspiration

Who is she who beckons me,
hair of gold, voice so sweet,
gossamer wings, swift of feet?
She leads me deeper into the floresta,
this muse, this fairy of delight.
She calls, lures…teasing laughter
fills the air. I follow her for I
have no power to resist. Who is
she who leads me on?

I am enchanted, willingly I
follow for my inner most being
knows this elusive one is
simply my own soul urging me to
leave this world of illusion, sorrow
and woe; to enter the floresta of
dreams where all possibilities lie.

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Featured Post: she must be mad- Robert G Wertzler

Brave & Reckless

Mad? You say she’s mad?
She must be to so complain
To challenge how it’s always been
To think she could ever be his equal
To deny his right to the use of her
To so fly in the face of the natural order
To not understand that God is male
To seek to define her own place
To not accept there must always be
One above and one below and
Deny his right to be above her
And make him fear
She means to rule over him
No, it is not that sort of “Mad”
It is not insanity
It is rage
It is fed up to barfing
On the lies and bullshit
On the abuse and disrespect
Yes, she is mad, mad as Hell
And she will not be silenced

Bob Wertzler is retired from almost twenty years in the mental health field in California and Arizona. There…

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Beyond Cloud Nine #poetry

tales told different

Photo prompt: what do you see?

What happens when we surpass our goals

and transcend the euphoria of touching the sky

when we take that leap of faith

onto the fabled cloud ten

obscured and outshined by the lesser nine

but always there, sacred or profane

a step from greatness to legend

no more sky, no more blue


But to reach so far is to be alone

when stars and moon are all you see

gentle lights, minute on a backdrop of envy

You dare not look below, for the plummet down cannot be survived,

To fall is to end.

so you look above, held by charges of lightning from your ascent

And like the tree you are, you grow some more

to find a foothold on the moon in reach

Alas, even that moon is not safe from envy

a crescent of light is all you…

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