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Watch the world as the pieces move neverending, the world turns,

We start from a beginning moving with a roll of the dice, a card chosen.

Does God watch as we play, is he in our every move,?

Round and round we go as this board game of life takes us away.

Is the game played right, do we understand the consequences of our choice,

Are we the players or are we being played, is there a point to the game.?

Could the game be everlasting or does it end in a moment for some,

Spin the wheel, flip a coin, take a chance and walk your own path.

Keith Garrett

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941. Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity. ~Herbert Hoover

Miss you Natalie…

Sacred Touches

I will not follow you, little bird;
I will not follow you.
I would not breathe a word, little bird
To bring thee here anew.
For I love the free in thee, little bird,
The lure of freedom drew;
The light you fly toward, little bird,
I’ll fly with thee unto.
~Edited excerpt from a poem
by George William Russell

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.58.32 AM

I awoke this morning by the Grace of God
in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
For that I am grateful Lord, and so today
I come to thank You as well as the women and men,
past and present, who have served and yet serve this great nation.
First was my sweet dad, Norman Franklin Holcomb, and
then are all those who like him sacrifice(d) life and limb
to stop those who would oppress our freedoms.
Thank all of you for keeping us free…

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Happy July 4th



July 4th.
I have stood with 15,000 Soldiers.
A division of Soldier believing in freedom and the America way,
willing to protect and insure all people are free.

Here in the USA.
A melting pot of 300 million people,
who knows good and hard times.
We do our best to get along,
do our best to care for neighbors and friends.

Standing in a place where freedom of choice is allowed,
freedom to think,
option to aim at your dreams and goals is allowed.
Only limit is the wall of fears we create.

Freedom was create by blood of brave men and women.

I stood at funeral of men who died in faraway wars.
Their family stood stronger then me.
The brother of my friend killed in Iraq,
told the world on a large painting on his fence in his yard.


My wish…

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“Lost In The Labyrinth Of My Mind” By K Morris Is Now Available In The Kindle Store

Love this poet…

K Morris - Poet


I am pleased to announce that my latest collection of poetry, “Lost In The Labyrinth Of My Mind”is now available in the Kindle store. The book description reads as follows
“A collection of poems about nature, love, and life in general”.
To purchase “Lost In The Labyrinth Of My Mind”, or to read a free sample please visit Amazon UK,  or Amazon USA.
If you read “Lost In The Labyrinth Of My Mind” I would appreciate it if you would please consider leaving a review.

Many thanks,


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I Am My Father’s Daughter

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

I am my father’s daughter.
He taught me about reality, insanity and how to find crumbs of love beneath the rubble.
I listened to him for so many years, ranting and raving against society, the government and his bosses.
He was a mason.
He wouldn’t build fireplaces if the contractors didn’t build the houses to his standards and he always fought with his bosses until they would fire him or he would quit.
The excitement we all felt as he found each job and the despair we felt when he lost them was a roller coaster ride of emotions. Do we eat hamburgers versus do we eat saltines and peanut butter.
What he said when he was screaming and yelling was not always crazy. He was equally intelligent and creative, such a hard combination to juggle mentally. Very confusing.
When I first went to AA he was there during one…

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