Vodka and Hydrogen Peroxide

I’m not obsessing about the virus. The way I figure it, I’ll get it, or I won’t. I’ll recover or I won’t. That’s life.
Just for curiosity’s sake, I wonder why everybody’s buying out all the rubbing alcohol. Soap and bleach can kill germs.
I do wonder if anybody has thought about vodka yet, because the store shelves are empty of rubbing alcohol.
The way that I see it, if you bought a gallon of high proof vodka, (at least 140) you could disinfect whatever needed disinfecting and you could drink it and forget about the whole virus thing. Also, Barcadi makes 151 proof rum.
Maybe your anxiety and panic would disappear. All you would need is to make sure you had more vodka. I say you, not me because I have been sober for over forty years and I’m not letting a virus get me drunk now.
The only thing I have ever used rubbing alcohol for was to disinfect my mother’s skin before her insulin shot, to soak pierced earrings and to do alcohol rubs when my babies had a fever.
Is that still a thing? I don’t know, my baby is forty-one.
I only use it now to take a gluey substance off something.
And what about Hydrogen Peroxide? Why are stores still loaded down with Hydrogen Peroxide amidst the panic buying? It is one of the best antibacterials that I know of, safe to swish in your mouth (not safe to swallow) safe to clean things with, safer to use in your laundry than bleach, and it does so much more than rubbing alcohol.
Enjoy the moments and stay safe.
I claim no responsibility for a panic run on vodka, rum or Hydrogen Peroxide.
I also claim no responsibility for anyone’s alcohol consumption.
Do not drink Hydrogen Peroxide, ever.
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