Where Are My Words?

Where are my words?
I haven’t heard a sound.
They sometimes
Pour from my fingers
Dripping all over
Flowery notepaper
Napkins and notebooks
Anything that makes a sound.
Then the words, the damn
Ugly, beautiful, painfully real
Words, they just go away.
Up to the sky like a balloon
Floating just out of reach.
My mind goes blank
My heart goes numb
My fingers heartless as steel.

18 thoughts on “Where Are My Words?”

          1. Having a string of them? Weather looks great from your pics! Fun time to be out and about. Can you get out and about with Covid? Weather here has cooled down to the mid 80’s, Yeah!
            What are you planning for the gardens?

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            1. Yes we have had a string of good weather, not enough rain, but it rained yesterday. Sadly, the rain took down the leaves around my area, but there is lots of foliage left in the mountains, which I am not going to climb. Looking for a rotar tiller right now to prepare for a bigger garden next year.
              No limits on going out here. ❤💝

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              1. I’m jealous! Nice that you can get out and about and explore. What? Are you looking for a riding rototiller? LOL! Sounds like you are going to have about an acre in garden? Any more visits from family come up?? Are you going to be able to have a big family gathering for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas? Loving your pics, My Dear!!


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