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Tell Me About It

Turn your day around, and make it your best rainbow,
Wouldn’t that be great? Just listen, and then you’ll know.
You can abolish all of the brain clutter in your day,
To lead a glistening sparkling path along your new way.

Our lives can be cluttered with massive addictions,
It’s easy to be drawn in these daily life of afflictions.
I have to hit the like buttons on my social media page,
And spend at least two hours in posting the latest rage.

I have to make my mark in the latest trend on Google plus,
Then I have to make it to a new level today in Candy Crush.
Whatever the addiction, it is commonplace to see,
That addictions bring out the worst of you and me.

Take a walk in your good old favorite Park,
Watch the sunset there, see the stars and the moon long after dark.

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Spirit Eyes

My spirit eyes can see my flowers.
When I look out across my snow covered yard, I see the bulbs.
I see the roots longing to break ground, aching to push the tender,
green sprouts up through the dirt and into the light of day.
They are patiently waiting, hibernating beneath the snow.
They are not gone. They are not dead.
They are just hidden from view… alive and strong just like me.
 My spirit eyes can see my flowers.
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Dear God,

when I was down for the count
you never gave up on me
you always reached for my hand
offering to set my spirit free

when grief shoved every one away
you loved me with no conditions
and you never left my side
loving me with no exceptions

i fell into a well, dark and deep
there was no rope to be found
you lifted me out and calmly
set me back on solid ground

you whispered, you don’t need that
when I used drugs to numb the pain
my child just set that down
and you washed me clean with rain

on the darkest days you colored
pink behind the black clouds
you covered me in your grace
your love infinite, it has no bounds

you knew what was best for me
sad when I embraced the worst
you promised me i was loved
when all i felt was cursed

when I screamed, I cannot make it
i heard you whisper, yes my child you can
open your heart and reach out for me
oh child, please just take my hand

despite the days and nights I wasted
you simply gave me more
gently laying your hand upon my head
while i kicked and screamed on the floor

i never would have made it
without you holding on to me
stubborn child i placed myself in chains
a prisoner of self until you set me free

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not named us Love…

Perhaps if we had not named us Love
if we had just let emotions run free
we’d still be snuggled side-by-side
beneath the magic of you and me.
No expectations, no promises
just the touch of wanting hands
needs flowing and unbroken
uncrippled by Love’s demands.
Perhaps if we had not named us Love…



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