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To my children…

When my body leaves this earth
and you think that I am gone
go out and touch the rain
and you will know that I live on.
Throw your hands into the drops
and splash the rain on your face
that will be my hugs and kisses
blessing you all over your space.
When my body leaves this earth
rainbows will reflect my smile
coloring the sky for you
for just a magical while.
When my body leaves this earth
and you think that I am gone…
I will be the pink in the sunsets
I will be the puffs dancing in the clouds
I will be the dew that kisses your flowers
I will be the orange butterfly by your side
I will be the tiny bird who sings
outside your kitchen window
because my love will never leave you.
My love will live forever in you…
on and on and on…
Just be still and you will find
my love in all the things I loved
when my body leaves this earth
and you think that I am gone.

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Under The House

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

The truth escapes me
Sifting down through
The cracks in the floor boards
To live beneath our home.
The walls absorb reality
Which never was quite clear
Facts taunt and tease
Sneak in when I’m alone.
Yesterday’s unwashed dishes
Fester in the sink
Mold grows in the cellar
Moving boxes still unpacked.
The truth lies under the house
It awakens me at night
It waits for me in my dreams
When I’m vulnerable to attack.
Behind the bathroom mirror
Demons guard the walls
The truth is not what it seems
Deceit covers reality like paint.

by Jeanne Marie

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You have to wear a bra!

You’re too young to shave your legs and I don’t care if all the other girls your age are doing it!

I read your diary. We need to talk.

Yes, there are microphones hidden in your barrettes!

If you didn’t take my green eye shadow, then why are your eyelids green?

I’m gonna kill you!

I’m your mother and your father!

Take down those rock posters or I’ll tear them down!

I don’t believe you.

Never let your husband see you without your make-up on or your hair a mess!

Don’t ever let him see you in the green face mask!

You have to try harder and look better, after you’re married.

Cook him a big breakfast and have his supper ready when he comes in from work.

Are you gonna let him get up and make his own coffee?

Tough luck, life isn’t fair!


I love you.

Let’s all go out and play.

I don’t care if you make a mess!

Go to college and get a degree, before you have kids.


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Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

  Women Who Think Too Much available at

Wow by Yahsoldz
Great book but you have to have a strong mind and a strong sense of dark humor to get it. Thank you for the crash course the book kept to the point.

WOMEN WHO THINK TOO MUCH by suzyqmtngurl
As I read through this book I kept constantly seeing myself but also saying, “at least I didn’t have it that bad!” But in the end the truth hits and I sobbed. What a great short read!

Anonymous Review
For anyone who even thinks for one second that they are in a codependent relationship or are just trying to avoid ending up in one, please, I urge you to read this book. Dark humor reigns throughout, but so do vital lessons about what to expect in codependent relationships. The author takes us through her pain in order to help the…

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one last fight


every single strand
of my being
strains toward you
you are the magnet
i’m the metal
it’s  nothing that i choose.
your words whisper to me
come mere baby
in the dark of the night
our first kiss lingers
only to be haunted by
our last kiss, one last fight.
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Truth Lies

Truth lies
between us.
You mold it
you change it
you stomp it
until my composure
shatters like glass.
I didn’t say that
that isn’t what I said
you weren’t listening
I didn’t mean it that way
you’re just too sensitive
dont dare walk away
don’t put down your head.
Go ahead, close your eyes
you’re such a frigging bitch.
I do everything for you.
Reality is subjective
that I know is true.
I just don’t understand
the way you twist reality
wrapping it around my neck
when I won’t agree
shouting that I’m crazy.
Verbal abuse?
Oh no, never you.
It’s always me because
I made you so mad
so, your anger is my muse.