Not All Masculinity is Toxic

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“She doesn’t like when I touch her neck or her breasts anymore.  Kissing is off limits, too.  She has lots of rules.” 

It’s not uncommon for husbands in heterosexual relationships to tell me what their wives don’t like in bed.  Willing to follow her directions, trying to sexually satisfy the women they love, they are frustrated.  These men know much more about what turns their wives off than what excites them.  Their wives are discouraged and exasperated too, opting for masturbation as a more efficient, less annoying alternative than trying to explain the unexplainable.  What would feel good between the sheets?

In truth, she doesn’t know what to ask for, because nothing seems to feel the way it should. 

Communication in the bedroom often fails precisely for this reason.  Just knowing what you don’t want doesn’t make sex great- it just makes sex tolerable.  For many of the couples in…

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The Art of Continuing

The Written Addiction

I must never
lend myself to the ideas that just because I am hurt or tired, or just because
something did not (or will not) go my way, and just because something I invested
deeply, heart and soul in, but yet the outcome fell to pieces before I reached
my goal, I cannot lend myself to the idea that, “This is it!” and it’s over.

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“Persephone’s Child”

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Those of you who are familiar with Greek mythology, might have heard what happened to Persephone, a maiden who’s only fault was beauty.
Some say beauty is a curse and I don’t blame them. For Persephone sure it was.
For Hades saw her in a field of flowers and couldn’t imagine his life without her. Thus, he stole her from her mother, luring her in the Underworld, until she saw darkness closing in and her cries couldn’t reach the world above any more.
The girl refused to eat, refused to drink, wishing her mother would save her, take her back to her fields and the beautiful blue sky, back to everything she knew and loved. For how could a girl made of sun thrive in darkness?
Hades was desperate to make her love him, but he was also an arrogant, foolish man, refusing to see…

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Pitch Contests: The 5 Elements of a Successful Book Pitch

Catherine Bakewell

Pitching your book is no easy task–you’re turning your thousands and thousands of words into a few characters. How can you possibly fit all that makes your book your book into a tweet? How can you grab an agent/editor/publisher’s attention?

Read on to see my five elements of a Twitter pitch, as well as some of the things I’ve learned from my own pitching experience.

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How Do You Shock a Pool?

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie


My above ground pool is so big that if it burst, it would wipe out my neighbor’s gardens the
length of our street, maybe on both sides. It covers almost my entire backyard
and for five days, the pool drew water from my garden hose, requiring 15,000
gallons of water to reach the fill line and to engage the filter, which some
idiot designed to sit just at the fill line. Probably designed by some stoner
who giggles every time he remembers the blueprint.
It is steel reinforced and my honey installed it all by himself, because the
video showed a small woman installing her pool in thirty minutes. Well, after
he had popped his hip out and sat down to read the manual, the instructions told
him to find at least three people to help complete the installation. So much for
the video. Now he was mad and he wasn’t calling anybody.

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About Writing

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie


It seems to me that when I have time to write, my mind doesn’t cooperate and I don’t have a thing to write about anyway. Yet; when I’m busy, I have so much to write about and I don’t have the time.
I’ve been thinking about it because I have been extremely busy this past year, flying all around the country at least once a month and sometimes more often.
I’ve met three great grand-babies in two states, attended my nephew’s funeral, driven my daughter (who lives in Oklahoma) to court three times and then one more trip to deliver her to serve her sentence, reconciled with a sister and a daughter I have been separated from for about ten years, made several long over-due visits to family and my adventures have included numerous miracles.
I also had a miraculous operation on my right shoulder three years ago and I…

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(# 1 SHE Saga) She Wants What She Wants

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

She won’t leave me alone.
We talk and we talk for hours, going in circles. I explain to her why she can’t have what she wants. I think she understands, and I tell her that I am done, that we are done talking about it.
She sniffles and she walks away.
Not five minutes later, she’s back and she wants to talk about it again. She makes me want to bang my head into a wall until I can’t hear her anymore.
I don’t know what to do with her, how to silence her.
Sometimes, she won’t listen at all. She cries, she screams, she yells, and she demands her own way.
She wants what she wants and nothing I say will make her give up on it.
It’s not possible, I explain. We have tried your way. Over and over with the same pain filled results.
When she doesn’t…

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