we were…

we were young
we were wild
we were free.
We were hippies
we were kids
who didn’t know
our love
would not always be.
We loved
and we fought
we went separate ways
but we had three children
who got lost in our maze.
People can judge
and guess who’s to blame
but it was me and it was you
who held our love in the flames.
Pushing the line
until it was erased.
I stopped running
you no longer chased.
We burnt our love
like a steak forgotton
on a hot charcoal grill.
We said goodbye
but we also said
I love you
I always will.
The last time
I saw you
Our lips touched
with sadness
not passion.
One last time
I held your familiar
body close.
You said,
you’ll always be mine.
I shook my head no
but my tears said yes.
Tears fell from our eyes
as I walked out the door.

22 thoughts on “we were…”

  1. Ok, You hit the tear button with this one, Jeanne!! I had to go get a kleenx. Loved the way you laid out the journey and the ending of life together and being “In Love”. Love never dies but doesn’t always survive in a way that make life together possible!! Very Sad! You touched my heart with this one, My Dear! Really loved this!! 💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m of the school I’d rather have missed the pain, but you’re right. My mom used to yell at me cause every time I heard the Dance by Garth Brooks, I said I’d rather have missed the Dance. I appreciate the reasoning though. XOXOX


        1. I know I should say more but my mind is stunned right now by the emotions in the poetry. My ex-husband died this past week and it slapped me silly. I wasn’t expecting it. I expected the death but I didn’t know I would hurt. It has been 35 years since we parted ways.


          1. Wow I’m sorry for your loss. It’s hard to even imagine the feelings. The time apart doesn’t negate the time you spent together and for that alone I’m sure adds to your mourning. It’s really sad how life works like that. This week I lost a family member as well so I understand the reeling emotions


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