Waiting here for you

For Michelle Marie @ thinkingpinkx2@wordpress.com

8 thoughts on “Waiting…”

            1. Gardens are as far as I can go until spring, but I wander outside to tidy them still. Bought 2 clearance, pink rose bushes today. Gonna try and grow them inside. Hope to do a last blast of foliage pics.
              The trees that are still colored are mainly tall Birch and they are spectacular. Bright yellow leaves, and white trees against tall, bright, green fir trees. I just bought three gallons of paint for upstairs, so…
              TY for checking in with me. Hope you have awesome weekend. XOXOX

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              1. I always, almost always check for your posts and emails!! I love staying in touch and living vicariously on a farm through you!! One without cows or chickens!!! Worked in the diary and on the poultry farm in college. My sniffer doesn’t work so well because of the chicken manure!!

                I can just hear the wheels turning in your head – paint in cans needs to be used?? LOL! Right?
                Oh you would be such a sweetheart if you can catch a few more fall foliage pics for me. Autumn junkie that I am!!

                Your roses and others will do well inside won’t they?? Compared to freezing outside!! Anymore visits from the kidoos coming up. Maybe when you get more snow on the ground??
                Hope your weekend is fun for you, My Dear!! Has your Muse been hiding from you??
                Be safe and healthy, Jeanne! Had your flu shots yet???

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