Jeanne Marie, 1978

8 thoughts on “Divorce”

  1. Jeanne, You brought tears to my eyes with this! Too sad and heartfelt but beautifully written verse!! I loved it! You left some nuggets for me to think on! Thank you, My Dear for a marvelous piece!!

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    1. Wow! I love seeing my poems through your eyes! I wrote this in 1978. Been going thru a folder of poetry that never made it to the computer age. Didn’t know if I should post them. Now, I’m glad I did. You encouraged me with your kind words, and thank you for sharing…


  2. Lovely piece – I see my boy’s father in their eyes but the person I see now is absolutely nothing like the person I originally met, fell in love with and married. Nothing. Thankfully the boys see this person….. I wonder sometimes if I am the one who has changed so drastically ~ my boys – who are adults now say he is not the person he was – and of course they are seeing him through more experienced eyes………..

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