I Miss You, Baby Girl


I have parted with many material things this past year, but one loss stands up and shouts in my heart right now.
I miss my little chihuahua, Ms. Skeeter. This was my first Christmas without her since I rescued her in 2007.
I haven’t had many regrets about the belongings I gave away, threw away and sold, which is good, because when I mourn, I mourn long and hard.
But, as I wrapped presents for my dog, Maggie Mae, Ms. Skeeter’s absence was loud and my heart was aching with missing her.
She was a feisty little lady, and as she grew older, a biter. She would bite me savagely for cutting her nails, she’d attack anyone who touched shoes (so we had to hide all the shoes) and sometimes, she’d bite me and Maggie Mae for no reason at all.
Between her bites, we all enjoyed playing and running, toys, hugs, and kisses.
She slept beside my computer when I wrote, and when she wanted a break, she’d lay on the computer. She was by my side for twelve years, whether I wrote, walked, cleaned the house, sat outside or slept. She loved to hold the remote and she always kept one paw on something of mine. Lord help me if I wanted it back.
I miss you, baby girl. I know you’re playing with the other dogs in Heaven; but I wish you were still here with me.

Goodbye For Now Ms. Skeeter (Kita) March 26



Poodles From Outerspace

The first time I saw Peggy-Sue, she was eight weeks old. I looked into her tiny face and I adored her. She was a creamy white color, with apricot splashes and her nose was a peachy, brown, heart shape. I had no idea back then that she was from another galaxy; she looked like a real poodle to me.
Well, let me tell you, she is anything but a dog. Oh sure, she would fool most people, but I have seen her real identity, that peculiar little creature that lives under all that poufy hair.
I know that she sent for back-up. Puppy just appeared on our doorstep, but I believe aliens dropped him off.
Puppy looks like a poodle too, but his true nature peeks out from beneath the hair that covers his eyes. He peers out from under his fluffy bangs in that sneaky way he has, and he watches us.
I’m not as sure about Charlie, my little black poodle, but since he was neutered, he hasn’t been quite himself. I swear that if I had known that they would castrate him, I wouldn’t have had it done. I thought they would give him a vasectomy.
Anyway, I guess he has a sound reason to act strange and I really think that he is just a normal, silly dog and not an alien like the other two.
I don’t know what the two white poodles plan to do with the rest of humanity, but they have taken over this family and we are prisoners in our home. I continue to resist, but they have total control over my husband’s mind. They manipulate him in strange alien ways, and he obeys their every command.
Peggy-Sue won’t eat unless he sits with her and she likes to bite somebody before she eats. She has many rules about eating. I guess the traditions on her planet are quite different from those of earth dogs. For instance, she forces my husband to get out of bed, (if he is asleep, she wakes him up) to get her water and food.
She uses a variety of alien signals. I have begun to de-code these messages, but I pretend I don’t understand her; it would take more than an alien poodle to get me out from under the warm covers!
She has such a sweet baby face that it’s hard to believe she’s an alien poodle and when you see her, you may doubt my story or even believe that I’m crazy.
I am contacting you at the Men in Black Program because I am sure you’ll be interested in studying her and trying to track down her siblings.
In addition, I hope you can help release her alien influence on my husband’s brain. Maybe you could give him shock treatments or cough up a few of those designer drugs you’ve created with my tax dollars.
Please be careful when you enter our home, remember, they are not dogs and they are dangerous! You may need to bring a S.W.A.T. team to take them out of the house, because until my husband is de-briefed–HE WILL RESIST YOUR ATTEMPTS TO SAVE US!
Peggy-Sue, the tiny poodle has him completely under her control. He doesn’t even suspect that she is running our lives or that she is in charge of this home.
I don’t know why she picked our family or why she summoned Puppy here to help her, but I feel that they are gathering strength and soon I will be sleeping alone, condemned to the spare room while they lounge on my bed; cuddling my husband, eating my snacks, maybe even wearing my clothes.
Seriously, I caught Peggy-Sue trying on my underwear last weekend. She had it over her head and I wasn’t about to ask her for it back or show her the correct way to wear it.
As I sit here typing, they are all three at my feet, watching, waiting for me to try to escape. I fear for my life, so please come soon and capture these alien poodles from Hell. You must prevent the take-over of our planet by these devious creatures, because they only appear to be dogs. They are not. Aliens they are, that you can believe.
I am a prisoner in my own home, so please come soon,
Jeanne Marie

The Painting

Dear Family,
I have sold the house and I am downsizing to a travel RV.
Now, I know how much ya’ll loved Miss Peggy-Sue and I don’t want you fighting over this picture, so I have a plan.
First, we all know that this picture is priceless, mostly because Auntie Jean painted it, may she RIP.
Second, because we all know what a sweetheart MPS was and how much joy she gave our family for 24 years. (She really didn’t bite that hard.)
So, whomever wants to give me $500.00 a month for the rest of my life, you will be awarded permanent ownership of this awesome reminder of your little sister. (Hint-hint on possible bidders.) Payments can be made through PayPal, as I will be rolling full-time.
You could also split the fee four ways, and each have this sugar pie in your home, staring down at you for three months of the year.
I offered it for free to two of my four children and they turned the offer down passionately. I think they were just overcome by the memories of our sweet and crazy little girl.
In retrospect, I realized that if I don’t ask for money, they might not realize the value of Miss Peggy-Sue’s portrait.
It was going to be their inheritance, but I have decided to leave one of my kids my painting I did when I was turning 60 years old. One will get an autographed copy of my new book, SHE, not yet written or published, so hopefully I’ll live long enough to finish the book, or someone gets nothing. (I have finished the cover!)
One will receive the painting I did when I turned 63, admittedly not my best work, but it was a very rough year. One will receive my potpourri collection, flower petals from every garden I’ve grown since 2007. It also includes petals from all my flowers that ya’ll gave me as presents, so it’s a return on your original investment; although, I might have to put a price on the potpourri, just so you know how special it is to me.
This portrait deal is a limited time offer and is open first to my four children. After July 15th, any member of my family is welcome to make a generous offer.
Let’s all take a moment to comment on what we loved best about Miss Peggy-Sue, although she was an alien from the planet Unknown, she never did us any long-lasting harm and the bites did heal.
No foul language, please.
Love, MUM aka Jeanne Marie


Goodbye For Now Ms. Skeeter (Kita) March 26

There is never enough time to give all the love you have to anyone. There is never enough time.
I have loved this little dog with all my heart since the day we got her from the shelter in Orlando.
But somehow, it doesn’t feel like enough.
I want to give her more love before she goes, but we’re out of time.
There is never enough time.
Maybe that’s why God gave us dogs, so we could practice grieving the loss of what we love so much, so that when we lose people, we have already had a glimpse of what it’s going to feel like.
We already know what a broken heart is, before we are knocked out of our orbit by losing a person we love.
That’s the only reason I can think of why dogs have a short life, why they usually go before us.
I know God has an incredible plan and that we only see the knots on the back side of the tapestry.
I trust him with all my heart, but I wish letting go didn’t hurt so much.
I love this little girl beyond measure, and that’s why she’s crossing the rainbow bridge today, because I don’t want her to suffer anymore.
She has made me laugh, she has made me cry, she has made me want to pull my hair out. She has bit me when I tried to get my shoes, she has bit me when I tried to wipe her butt or Lord help me, when I tried to cut her toenails.
In the first three years, we went through three rug shampooers before we got her colitis under control and then had to replace all our rugs. We got her healthy, up to eight pounds and we just kept loving her. We saved her and she saved us.
I don’t regret one minute of her life.
She has kissed me good morning every day since the day we adopted her. She looks in my eyes and she sees my soul and I see her’s too.
She’s empathetic, she’s compassionate, and she’s a crazy hellion on four, little feet.
She’s Ms. Skeeter, a one of a kind and she’s my baby.
She was two years old when we adopted her. Just three pounds of wild, untrained energy.
People used to ask me what is that? Is that a dog? Some even thought she was a monkey.
I used to walk her and she’d run me around the park that we lived in, faster than I could go.
People used to laugh as we went by and ask, who’s walking who?
She was like a mosquito, buzzing around her brother, Puppy, and that’s how she got her name.
She’s fourteen now and for the last six months, diabetes has taken its toll.
We’ve had six months of extra time, but that time is up and as long as it’s in my power, I won’t let her suffer anymore.
Mom, I know you don’t really enjoy dogs, but if you could take care of her for me until I get there, I’d be very grateful.
Help her to find her brother, Puppy, and let her run free. She won’t be any trouble at all, unless you take off your shoes and try to pick them up, good luck with that.
Goodbye, Ms. Skeeter, just for now. Run free, and thank you for all the kisses.

Thank you to Dr. Robards and the staff at Eastside Animal Hospital for giving us the last six months and for their extremely compassionate care today.
Thank you to my daughter for taking Kita’s Last Ride with me. 💔💔💔
Also, thank you to my husband for spending thousands on Kita and on every dog we rescued.💔💔💔