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31 BOOKS you MUST READ if You are an Empath and Struggle with feeling EVERYTHING!/ 101

Awesome list for Empaths

The Powerful Living

Hello my Precious Reader, in this article I have made a collection of books for us, the empaths. We feel everything too much and sometimes it can be a cross to bear, so, how can we cope with all this feelings and emotions without loosing ourselves in the process?

Here’s GREAT list of books you MUST READ if you are an Empath.

Once again I hope this recommendations can improve the quality of your life, to help you cope with your emotions, understand them and make sure you get the best out of them.

Is necessary to educate ourselves, always. Investing in yourself is the only investment you’d ever need.

As always, I send you Big HUGE hugs from my home to yours.


Mariana M

The Powerful Living.

Disclaimer>>> Dear reader, in this blog you might come across some affiliate links of products of your interest. Our team recommendations…

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Every Mile Mattered

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

I have decided to live every day like it is my first and my last and to not worry about all the years I spent spinning my wheels.
Because when you come down to it, it was all about life trying to teach me what really mattered, and every step I took mattered, right or wrong.
I just wish I wasn’t such a slow learner and that I had trusted myself more and feared less.

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One Wolf Walks Alone

I love this…

Blog of the Wolf Boy

For years we’ve held together a friendship,

Through tensions, which seemed not, but senseless.

I’d always tried to be a good friend to you,

In the ways I’d hoped you’d treat me too.

It’s just a shame this road’s one way, not two.


You’d always seemed quite helpless.

And to help you, my soul yearned.


I’ve a soul filled with concern,

And own a heart that’s not yet learned.

Excuse me, for being jaded,

As I work hard to ensure,

That these doors are securely barricaded.


When I was younger I was selfish,

Because selfish was all I’d known.

I expected selfish in return,

Like all those, with whom, I’d grown.


Settled for giving more than I’d take,

Grew up to become a wolf-

Raised in a nest of snakes.

No loyalty in the friend’s I’d make.

Always looking for a wild pack,

To fill a…

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I think we will all agree that communication is an essential element, a prerequisite even, of a successful relationship of any kind, be it intimate, business or friendly. Without good and clear communication, it is nearly impossible to know what the other person wants or needs from us, and […]

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Laughter and Sex Have Left the Building — PushUP24

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Sand. Love. Time and me…

Playing in the waves for an hour, letting the beach rock me
lying on my back in the embryonic, turquoise water.
Practicing letting go and trusting God.
Floating in the ocean, trusting that even if the water gets rough,
He will keep me safe.
When I feel the stress melt away, I walk out of the ocean.
I spread the blanket and lay down and reach for a handful of sand.
As soon as I fill my hand, the grains slip through my fingers.
So, you know I had to try again and again to hold a handful of sand.
I hold handful after handful of pure white sand and
no matter how tightly I squeeze, it quickly slips away.
Nothing stays but a few tiny grains of the stunning white crystals.
Time and love are so similar to sand.
I could only hold the sand with my hand open.
I hold our love in my hands and I hold on tightly, trying not to let it slip away.
But always, I am left with nothing but a few lovely grains of what was once
a sandcastle full of hopes and dreams…and the memories of that which was us.
Time and love slip through my hands even faster than grains of sand.
Some things were never meant to be restrained.
They lose their luster if you try to own them.
Sand. Love. Time and me…

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Jeanne Marie tagged a photo of you. Today 6:00 am (written by my son, Last Ditch Effort)

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

These are the words that get me through lately.
I look for them over coffee and a cigarette, before the sun breaks.
A smart ass remark comes to my head every time I see them.
It says “Yeah right, Jeanne Marie isn’t fast enough to tag me!”
But that one remark in my mind is immediately greeted by a tailspin of thoughts.
“Yes, she is,” I laugh, trying to pull my mind out of this tailspin, because I know it’s going to keep charging towards the ground until it reaches that cold December day in 1978 when we first met face to face and then slowly gain altitude through a mist of memories until it’s over and it meets me here, where I started.
“She is fast enough, she moves differently than you! She is calculating and precise, while I move zigzag and fast, all over the place, wasting energy…

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