Found, Not Lost

From my garden in Florida last February.

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

I slipped into living in the moment Saturday morning. I didn’t plan it and that’s how it happens best.
I bought flowers on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, it was freezing and windy, so I had to leave creating a patio garden around my little trailer for another day.
I picked a bouquet from the hibiscus and the roses, and I spent all day Friday taking pictures.
Saturday morning, when I woke, it was still cold. I peeked outside and I could feel the sun on my face, so I pulled on a warm shirt and long pants and I went outside with my coffee.
Then, I played with the flowers.
As I trimmed and repotted the plants, I fell into my old familiar rhythm.
I started gardening with my mum when I was a toddler and she generously passed on her green thumb to me and to my two sisters.

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Broken Hearts

Awesome writer…I could read her all night.

Heartstring Eulogies

“But I will tell you this, my love.
I would break my own heart for you.”

Maybe you will understand how much I need you if I let you go. Not for my sake, but for yours. Maybe you will see how much I burden you with my demons. My darkness. And maybe, at first, you’ll think I’m just trying to pull away. Or maybe, you’ll let go of my hand and let me go without hesitation.

I’m not sure which would hurt me the most. But I will tell you this. If it would make you happier, I would willingly break my own heart. I would do that for you. I would let you go, if only to give you a chance to be free. Free from my dark. Free from my broken soul. Free from me.

© Sarah Doughty

So tell me, do you think
your life…

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I will not use it.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth


I see that line every time I write something — in the old, old format. “SWITCH TO THE IMPROVED EDITOR” lurks above my editing every time I work. I would make it vanish if I could.

Why don’t I use the new improved format?

The new editor is definitely different, but it isn’t better. It’s more difficult to use. You need more steps to accomplish simple things.

Nothing has been done to improve the limitations of the original editing format. The spacing issues that have plagued every template I’ve used during the past six years are as bad or worse as are all the problems that come with pasting text from some other piece — even if it’s from another WordPress post. The “customization” has been reduced to the most simplistic possible format so you get choices like “Huge, Too Big, Too Small, Tiny, and…

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Sometimes, I’m a Flower

Sometimes, when I’m in my garden, I’m a flower.
I spread my petals to soak up the sun.
When I walk among the brilliant colors
I feel like a bird set free to soar.

I Had Lunch With God……..

Boundless Blessings by Kamal


A little boy aged 8 years old told his mother that he wanted to meet God. His mother very sweetly told him, ‘Okay, dear but where will you find him in this vast Universe.’ The little boy insisted that he would set out to look for God and come back safely once he did.’ His mother knew that was not possible and did not seem to argue with him. She knew he would come back home so she packed his suitcase with two sets of his dress, a water-bottle and some packets of cakes for him on his way. The boy very happily started his journey, he walked a long distance and found a park! He was feeling tired so he decided to sit in the park and take some refreshment and water as he was feeling thirsty too. He opened a packet of cake to eat.

A little distance away…

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Beautiful…from Lorraine

Take my hand
Lay me down in the green grass
Where Love flows eternal
Kissed by falling rain
Warmed by the rays of the sun
Beyond the Gate into the unknown
Where souls are at rest
And bones hurt no more
Where the lame walk
And blind eyes see
And where sorrow has shed its skin
Leaving just an open heart
Oh let me lie there
Feel the ancient touch
That heals all woes
Give life to bodies wracked with pain
Where the sweet singing of the birds
Echoes the voices of the angels in heaven
Oh let me lie let me lie
With You my Lord, my Love
With all who have gone before
Take my hand
Lead me to those green pastures

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Great article…

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Almost all the changes we see in our world are news related. Changes in our health care. Changes to our Social Security, our professional relationships, our ability to get or keep a job. Changes in our weather, oceans, air, and drinking water. Somehow, all of these are somehow connected to political issues, political positioning, elected and yet-to -be-elected officials, our history … and of course, what our future may hold.


Olympus has announced plans to get out of the camera business entirely, selling off its imaging division to an investment fund. Japan Industrial Partners, the company that bought the VAIO computer business from Sony, has signed a memorandum of understanding that will see Olympus spin out the division and transfer all of its shares.

The imaging division is a small part of Olympus’ business, which is now largely focused on providing medical equipment such as endoscopes. CEO…

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Lorraine, you had me at Pink and Healing…


Last year my heart was broken
And then I saw the blossom
A canopy of purest pink,
Bathing in its beauty, peace
Swept into my soul,
And crept right through my body

Diseased and limpid was my body,
It seemed my life was broken,
I did not know how to save my soul,
But there it was, the beautiful blossom,
Once again I knew deep peace
As I feasted on its deepest pink

Since cancer had hit me I!d always worn pink
Feeling a ransom to my body
Boldly trying to find my peace
Through disease my life was broken
How could my life ever now blossom
Or healing come to my soul?

I craved the healing of my soul
My skin pallid, never pink
Blindly, I squinted at the blossom
Fighting with my body
How many…

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Much Ado About Something

Hysterical and yup, we have all played this game. 💝💝💝

The Bag Lady

It’s Tuesday, last day of a short month which is good on the old paycheck. Speaking of that, just spent an hour and a half fighting a fraudulent charge on a cc I’ve had since 1967. So much for loyalty rewarding. They refused to take the charge off even though it was still pending and I just found out about it this morning.

Their response in a heavy, hardly understandable accent was they would put it up for dispute and I would receive a letter in about sixty days where I could fill out a form to deny it and then they would decide. Anyone else or is it just me again? I said if it’s pending you should be able to deny it now. As I said in my arcane post, I do not do well with these conversations, or online negotiations and she wouldn’t give me a…

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Color Psychology

Be Inspired..!!

Color psychology is a field of study that’s devoted to analyzing the emotional and behavioral effects produced by colors and color combinations. Ecommerce website owners want to know which color will make their website visitors spend more money. Home decorators are after a color that will transform a bedroom into a tranquil Zen retreat. Fast-food restaurant owners are dying to know which color combinations will make you want to super-size your meal. As you can imagine, color psychology is big business.

Describing the emotional connections that people can have with colors can be a very hippy-esque topic and that is why it is handy to have an understanding of the emotional attributes of some of the main color groups.

  • Red – Anger, danger, warmth and passion. It can increase heart rate and raise blood pressure, and be overwhelming if used too much.
  • Orange – Bright, fun, friendly and playful. Commands…

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The Good Life

The I Am

I found this article on my Facebook feed this morning and thought I’d pass it along to you.

“15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do,” by Paul Hudson, is a quick look at some of the “habits” we should have to remain strong. And if we don’t have them, they’re easy enough to implement.

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