Women Who Think Too Much
A NO Help At All Handbook
by Jeanne Marie

Ebook available at https://books2read.com/u/md0J5d

Print Edition, 2018, Ebook 2018, cover design, editing, by
MichelleMarie, Creative Publishing
Email contact for print: womenwhothinktoomuch@yahoo.com

Ebook: Copyright 2013/2018

Women Who Think Too Much. Newsletter. 24 Issues.
Publisher, Editor. 1998-2000

Drag Review Magazine, IHRA
International Hot Rod Association, Norwalk, Ohio.
Feature articles, Green Light Gang columnist, photographer. 2002-2007

Tulsa International Raceway Park
Personal assistant to owner, press secretary, track photographer, promotions,
Coordinator for racing events. 2000-2002.

American Drag News
Ashbury, Missouri
Drag racing publication, monthly articles, columnist, photographer. 1998-2001.

Business and Professional Women, Owasso, OK Chapter.
Promotional Manager.
Bi-monthly articles, photos, for BPW. 1997-98.

The Owasso Reporter, Retherford Publications, Inc.
Local news. Reports and promotional articles for Business and Professional Women, Owasso, OK. 1997-99.

Cooweescoowee, Rogers University, Claremore, OK. College journal, poetry. 1996-1997.

Tulsa Friends of the Library 24th Annual Creative Writing Contest,
Honorable Mention, Published Essay, “Hand That Rocks The Cradle.” 2001.

Tulsa Friends of the Library 23rd Annual Creative Writing Contest,
First Place, Published Essay, “Remember When You Used To Call Me Grace?” 2000.

Tulsa Friends of the Library 20th Annual Creative Writing Contest.
First Place, Unpublished Essay, “Don’t Call Me Mama.” 1997.

The Healing Woman, an International Publication.
The Healing Woman Foundation. Featured article. 1997.

Tulsa Woman, Trend Publication. Featured article, photos. 1996.

Reflections, Wordshop Publications. Poetry. 1997.

Modern Poetry Society. Poetry. 1995.

World Treasury of Golden Poems. 1990

World of Poetry.
Golden Poet Award. 1988, 1989-1991.

Alcoholism & Addiction Magazine. Poetry, 1989.

The New Jersey Tribune. Poetry. 1985.

Moonchild. An anthology of women’s verse and prose. Poetry. 1976.

True Confessions. Feature article.

168 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for reblogging a couple of my posts. I hope you are doing well in our current global pandemic and I look forward to checking out your blog!


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  2. I appreciate the reblog Jeanne Marie. I’m intrigued to have a browse through your blog. I’m thinking I might find some common ground.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been trying to figure out where to write this, so I finally decided on “about.” Just thinking about you and your daughter. Hope she is doing as well as can be expected, under her current circumstances. I hope you are coping as well. Thinking about both of you and sending positive energy your way.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad you liked “bummer,” Jeanne Marie. Glad that never actually happened to me. Saw it happen to others, though, when I was a police reporter for newspaper. Best to you and yours.


  5. your words come on a sad day for my family. I really appreciate you being the first bit of light on the day following the passing of my Mother in law. Thanks, and i appreciate this more than i can say.

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  6. Thank you for following as I have now found your blog and what a brilliant blog. I could add my story and maybe I will one day. It takes a long time to recover enough to be a functional person again and I don’t like remembering. x

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  7. Thank you for liking “dream come true,” Jeanne Marie. Probably fiction. I’ve read there are people who can beat the lie-detector. They had one at the police station where I hung out as a reporter. But I don’t remember anyone ever beating that one.


  8. Kind of you to like “computer war,” Jeanne Marie. I’m ticked at mine all the time. I actually dislike it, and it seems to know that. Hope you get along better with yours, and that you have a great day!


  9. Appreciate your liking “two minds,” Jeanne Marie. Don’t know how many it’d take to equal Einstein’s one. Hope you and yours are well and happy.


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