By Michelle Marie and Jeanne Marie

24 thoughts on “Surrender”

          1. Hope you had a great day!!! Sounds like you are starting to get a little feel of Autumn weather?
            Yesterday was 102 and a feels like 115 and today was about the same!! I’m just imagining you all happy and smiling coming in with more of your garden’s harvest!! Something to look forward to doing tomorrow!!! Chill and relax tonight!!

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              1. You are lucky to be in the best place of all for Autumn!! I’m jealous! Autumn is my favorite season!! Pretty soon your gardens will go a little dormant won’t they? Time for writing!
                We are getting a week of rain predictions for every day, but still temps in the mid 90’s. Doing anything fun besides gardening?

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                1. Yes, foliage here is awesome. Garden down to tomatoes.We had rain for a week.
                  Working on house still.
                  Trimming trees and cleaning up gardens, planting seeds. Whew. Loving it all.
                  Trees are already turning colors.
                  Summer flew by. ❀😍

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                  1. You are purposefully making me jealous?? Sounds like you still are busy and having fun!! Raining keeping you from walking the fence line? Ha! So, if you are down to tomatoes does that mean you have to go to the store for veggies? And the upstairs??? LOL!
                    Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!!
                    Any writing??

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                    1. Still did my time outside when it rained gently. Upstairs: haven’t started painting yet, but did lots of cleaning getting ready to paint.
                      Yup, back to buying veggies.
                      Lots of pictures, not so much writing. A little bit.
                      Have a good weekend. πŸ’›πŸ˜

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                  2. Actually, walking in a gentle rain is really Mmmm! Well, store bought veggies are only til the garden gets going again. When can you start planting again! You can send some earlier Autumn pics? Still waiting for blackberry crumble or pics!! Ha!

                    Sounds like you are getting close to painting? Getting ready to paint takes so much time with taping etc. You will be so happy when it’s all done and pretty?! Maybe some time with your feet up in front of a fire with a beverage would help inspire some writing? LOL!
                    Hope you are enjoying your earlier Autumn weekend!! Still Jealous! Ha!

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