wedding - Copy
Remember when you used to bring flowers home for me?
You would walk in the door after work with that sexy smile
Holding a dozen yellow and pink roses, for no reason at all.
Lunch box in your right hand, my flowers in your left
“Baby, Honey, Sweetie?” Names for me you would gently call.
Remember when we took a nap before dinner
Because we were too needing to wait for bedtime?
Sometimes all we did was giggle, snuggle and kiss
Sometimes the snuggling led to so much more
Loved your kisses, most of all, that’s what I miss.
Remember when we danced, how you held my body close?
So close my mama said it was indecent, your hands caressing
My back all the way down to my…well you know.
All my friends were jealous because with every move
With every touch, it was obvious you loved me so.
I know it is those memories that keep me trapped here
Because for years no loving touch have you been showing.
Years and years of silent and lonely days, dark and empty nights.
You buy me anything you think I want, when all I want is you.
Now, I cry myself to sleep, alone, after each mean and crazy fight.
I know we had something so intense, so strong
A love only one of us could have destroyed.
I know, dear God, I know, the exact moment it happened
Exactly when my handsome hero, my Marlboro Man,
Became a man who left me hanging over a black void.
Remember all the times I left our house, boxes in my hands?
Four times, with all I owned, swearing that this time was the last.
Remember how we both cried; remember how we felt so lost?
So home I came and tried again, to find your love, to find your heart.
Only one leaving left, so if you just sit and watch me hurting  again…
I promise you my last.

9 thoughts on “I REMEMBER…I KNOW”

        1. Yes, we seem to have a very good effect on each other. YEY PINK!
          Had a great day with my writing friends, hadn’t seen them in months. So glad I worked up the energy and had a free day of my own to fill with people of my choice. (The man of the house went out for the day.) We had a Mad Hat Tea Party, in honor of Alice and her wonderful trip down the rabbit hole. We had a smorgasbord lunch (all stuff very easy to prepare) and we talked for hours. We finished with a reading from the book, Alice In Wonderland. (It was a delightful old hardcover.) Just planned it yesterday and it was a perfect last minute wonder. Only could have been better if you were here! XO

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