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trying to see the PINK~to Jeanne Marie

I love this…


Photo by Jeanne Marie~Art by MichelleMarie©

Just a touch
of your love
brings life to
this dry and
thirst land
parched taupe
trying to see
the Pink
that lies beneath
whispering to hear
could you speak up
Sir please
cause I’m withering
Just a touch
of your love
brings me life

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10 thoughts on “trying to see the PINK~to Jeanne Marie

            1. Yes, it is, but she has mostly good days playing and running. Just a few times a day or at bedtime, she looks a little lost. I have two pink dog strollers and I tied them together to talk a walk tonight. Kita loved it and Maggie was plumb amazed at the new contraption!


                1. I asked him to go walk with us but he didn’t want to tonight. I tied the handles together with a pink ribbon and we were off! I’m posting a pic of the dogs, but he said he would take a pic of the dogs and me next time.


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