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Time’s Ravage

grace baby dannielle
Try to stop the
Hands of time,
Hold this moment
For it is mine.
Try to stop the
Silver in my hair,
Stop time’s ravage
Silent as a tear.
The fat that rests
Upon my thighs,
The damned mirror
With reflective lies.
Why don’t I feel
As old as my face?
Of the child inside
I see not a trace.
I cannot stop the
Hands of time,
With each day
Its damage I find.
But time cannot steal
The child inside
It shall not claim
The girl I hide.

by Jeanne Marie


2 thoughts on “Time’s Ravage

  1. When I was a kid I always wondered what it like to be an adult. Now I know. It’s like being a kid but with the entire world balanced on your shoulders.


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