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Kentucky Angel Flies Agan

How to write a blog that is.  It’s been a long time since the last post.  And it sure was difficult trying to convince the computer that I really am myself!  Don’t know about anyone else but I tend to talk to my devices — and my furniture, the self check equipment at the grocery….  The one that makes me craziest is the one that keeps telling me to take my groceries over and over while I’m trying to load them all on to my power chair.  Nag, nag, nag!  If I want to leave them there after paying for them I sure don’t need a nagging machine to keep telling me to take them all with me.

I’ve had a long discussion with my sewing machine the past weeks.  I’m certain the eye of the needle is getting smaller while the rope they have turned the thread into is…

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For Your Eyes

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

2013-08-29 12.48.16

Butterflies flit around my face

morning does not stay

minutes turns to hours

as I duel with weeds and play.

I go out front and gasp

stock-still, in awe I stand

loving flowers of every hue

petals are caressed with hand.

Sun sets, splashing orange

and yellow across the sky

stunning, breathtaking

fiery colors fast-slipping by.

“Dear God, is this all just for me?”

“Child of nature, thumbs of green

butterfly whisperer, home garden queen,

send your pictures to Belinda’s eyes

and they will bless all who see.

by Jeanne Marie

2013-09-29 09.43.032013-08-31 15.53.52prettyblue2IMAG00272013-08-22 14.36.25pretty sunflowerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20130902_195420

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Your Love Inspires Me~Love Me Love You

Beautiful creations from Michelle Marie, my very favorite blogger, friend, artist and writer!

Tell Me About It

You may notice a recurring theme in all my art, I hope that it is love.
I think we all love the idea of love and I tend to get carried away…
why shouldn’t I? Life is always so serious and I think for just a little
while I get lost with You, dreaming and that is just how it is
thank you for your inspiration!

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Photos by Jeanne Marie/Art by MichelleMarie~thinkingpinkx2

Michelle Marie, this is the best gift ever! I love it when I send you pics of my flowers and you turn them into gorgeous masterpieces. I believe angels do live in my garden and I believe that angels use your willing heart and your creative mind as a playground. We are gonna have a blast in 2015! Love, Pinky

Tell Me About It

Jeanne Marie has quite the garden and loves to take photos of her flowers. I think Angels live in her garden I do.

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