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Butterflies Pose

Butterflies were waiting for me when I woke up this morning. I go out on the screened porch with my coffee and they hold on to the screen waiting for me to come out and play.  I had five flitting all around me.

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19 thoughts on “Butterflies Pose

  1. What posers!!! 🙂 they clearly understood how much they’d be appreciated. Thanks for capturing the moment and sharing the love


    1. Yes, they seem to know that they will be captured on digital and sent out to bless the viewers. They respond to my voice and actually hold still for a few seconds when I ask them too. Otherwise they are all over me and the flowers.


  2. This is amazing that they are waiting for you in the morning! Truly beautiful they are waiting for your kind soul to bless you with their delicate beautiful presence so you can share them with Belinda and all of us!


    1. They are waiting and put their faces right on the screen so I will come out! It’s amazing, but you’re right, it’s like they know I need them to touch my day with laughter and joy, and the beauty and wonder that I pass on to Belinda and everyone who sees them. What an incredible blessing.


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