Grasshopper Hotel

Grasshopper Hotel

Sometimes, I’m a Flower

Sometimes, when I’m in my garden, I’m a flower.
I spread my petals to soak up the sun.
When I walk among the brilliant colors
I feel like a bird set free to soar.

Voodoo Roses

Voodoo Roses change color all day, from bright yellow to many shades of orange as they react to sunlight. They are warm weather roses and I brought them from Florida to Vermont. I’ll have to winter them inside if I want them to survive. These pictures are all from the same rose bush.




She hates colors that aren’t colors
colors that are shades of something
that used to be brilliant.
She learned to hide her colors gradually
through the years and as she let him
water her down with his words,
she gently faded into a no color version
a salamander who changed her colors to hide.
She let him turn her into a shade of something
that used to be brilliant.

I Want To Be A Cloud

Above the clouds
the sun is
creating paintings
with yellow streaks
and puffy pink wisps.
Moving, reshaping, shifting
blending to form images
never stagnant
never the same.
I want to be a cloud.

Tortured Shades of Gray

By Jodie Lynne

Shades of gray blend as one
colors soon to fade
evening caresses his face
sadness closes in.
A tortured soul captured again.
Lost…wounds of yesterday
still seeping bitter blood
gurgling pits of fullness.
Suffocating pain held
against its will
never to escape
and deeper became
the shades of gray.