Taylor Swift Blank Spaces

Ten Questions About Blank Spaces
1. Love it?
2. Hate it?
3.A  Totally been there?
3.B  If so, hope to fill another Blank Space soon?
4. Done some of that?
5. Woke up in restraints with no memory of the night before?
6. Not admitting anything because you’re still on probation?
7. Married him?
8. Had his children?
9. OMG! None of the above?
10. OMG! All of the above?

She re-wrote her story because she believes in miracles~by jeanne marie & michelle marie

She re-wrote her story because she believes in miracles~.


If I could…

leaning - Copy
If I could live in the words I write, I’d write a story where my heart was never broken.



i catch a glimpse of you

peeking out now and then

just when you are sober

before you’re off again.

my little girl peeks out from

the battered woman’s eyes

i brush your hair

off your pretty face

we hug and hug

and tell each other lies.

the only words that are true

among the words we say

i love you mom

i love you jodie lynne

thus we survive

despite the odds

to fight another day,