hello. you! Yes, you, the awesome one. don’t forget how awesome you are, love, me

Tell Me About It

Art by MichelleMarie Art by MichelleMarie

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When you are looking for a safe place to land

So beautiful…

Tell Me About It

When you’re looking for a soft place to land

A safe place to rest your heart

As the song plays… softly as you go

I look back once more…I realize

I can be my own soft place to land

so I do

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Waiting for her song…Michelle Marie

My favorite blogger…

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

Waiting for her song…she can be found Patiently growing…and healing around She cannot see…she’s dancing still Her heart it dances…with dreams and thrills She laughs at…

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When I was young

Love this, Michelle Marie…

Tell Me About It

When I was young I would sit on the swing-set starring at the sky. I noticed how time would fly and my thoughts would land like bumble bees kissing a flower, never staying on one subject too long. I guess that was when I learned that my soul and spirit could float and my imagination could imagine, ever though my feet were firmly planted in my present moment. I remember this day because I remember thinking when I am older I want to remember this day…How the clouds are making shapes like horses and cows and the wind was blowing them around, and for the span of 2 hours I was lost in my thoughts. I smile as I write this in my journal because it is something I didn’t want to forget about myself—even though my feet are firmly planted in the present moment, my soul, spirit and mind…

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To my broken tribe…Lost in sadness

I love your empathy, the gentleness and the strength of your words.
“To my broken tribe of sweet sad hearts, I offer my hand and this space to you. I’m here, you know how to find me.”

Tell Me About It

Broken Tribe art by MichelleMarie“Why am I so sad,” she asked?
This is to my broken tribe of loved ones, those I hold dear, those I sit with as they cry~with no answers but to offer a word of comfort. What do you say to the broken one who comes from years of emotional abuse? What do you say to the one who has been suddenly left without a trace of love? What do you say to her when her beloved dies, leaving them to pick up the pieces? How do you help someone that is lost in sadness? Lost in the past and the memories and thoughts that play over and over in her mind, tormenting her soul? I’m not sure if there is anything I can say to make it better. All I know to do is tarry with you as you find your way back to wholeness. Someone did this for…

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She’s always got a song in her head

Tell Me About It


She’s always got a song in her head
I laughed as she belted out her tune
Before I knew it we were dancing
I was singing along with her and
I felt all the worry leave my heart
Just for a instance I longed for the girl who
always had a song in her head….
Then realized today she’s still there
Singing, dancing and laughing!
I love that silly willy girl!

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