Always Home For Christmas


Today, someone asked me if I’m going home for Christmas.
I told them that I am already home.
I will be home no matter where I park, because I will always be bringing my home with me. My 330 sq. foot home has wheels.
With family in Oklahoma, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Florida, Indiana and Montana, I could never really gather my entire family in one place, so maybe I’ll spend Christmas in a different state each year.
This year it’s Florida.
I’m a bit of a gypsy. I’ve lived in the first five of those states, plus New Jersey and Tennessee. I moved to Oklahoma four times, Florida twice, New Hampshire twice and I have owned fifteen houses.
But, from now on, no matter which destination I choose, with my family and friends safe in my heart and only a phone call away, I will always be home for Christmas.


Things I Like About My Tiny Home On Wheels

I can clean my entire house and outside area in an hour, including changing the bed.
I don’t have to think about laundry every day because I don’t have a washer and dryer.
The laundry sits in the basket for a week until I go to the laundromat. Yay!
I always know where my little dog is sleeping.
If my neighbors are annoying, I just move.
I love cooking on my tiny stove in my tiny pans and flipping eggs with my tiny spatulas.
I only have clothes that I like and actually wear now.
In the middle of the night, the bathroom is remarkably close.
My bed is in the living room. So is the kitchen.
I like the word rolling. I like doing it even more.
If no one knows where I am on my birthday, I can skip a year.
It’s not official until you eat the cake.
I can chase sunshine and never endure a below freezing winter again.

Heading Out, August 27


August 27
It’s my last night in Oklahoma, for now.
Tomorrow morning, I head out to Florida.
Tonight, I learned to raise the jacks and hitch up the trailer, including sway bars and chains. Sway bars are heavy!
I bought a shoulder bag for my one lonely computer (we lost three comrades to downsizing) and for my three external hard drives.
Perfect computer bag and it was on sale.
I downloaded two full older WD drives, a desktop and two laptops onto my Western Digital 4 TB external drive. 985, 161, 000 files.
Almost a million files. I was shocked.
I still have another external hard drive, my one laptop and a baggie full of flash drives to back-up, so I’m sure to climb over the million mark.
Tucked my tablet in the bag too.
I destroyed two old hard drives and I was really proud that I could let them go.
Usually, I back-up files and keep both copies, which explains almost a million files.

Swissgear Wenger

Western Digital

Flushing The Poo Poo Away

Today, I learned how to flush the poo poo away, disconnect the sewer, electric and water. Also hooked up the truck and trailer for the trip.
I drove for a few hours and was quite impressed at how well the 2011 Chevy Silverado pulled my 20-foot Coachmen Apex Nano.
I was even more impressed when I pulled off the highway, then into a midsize Shell gas station and parked perfectly at the gas pumps!
That Shell sign looked sweet as sunshine beaming down on my tiny house on wheels.

Chevy SilveradoChevy Silverado

Tiny Pans, Big Flavor

Before I moved into my tiny house on wheels, I got rid of 95% of what was in my ten-room house.
I saved two tiny kitchen pans that are special to me, and it was a good decision.
Last night, I cooked hamburgers in my tiny frying pan, then used it to make a tiny batch of chili.
It was difficult to decide on how much of each spice to toss in to about four cups of chili, but the end result was delicious.
We had burgers for lunch, and I stored the chili in a tiny pot and it fit perfectly into my tiny fridge.
Instead of a gallon of chili, I had enough to feed me four very filling meals.

Tree Frogs and Trailers

Why am I up at 6 o’clock in the morning you might ask. Well first, I had to get out of bed and catch a tree frog who was plopping around in my kitchen.
I’ve been really wanting to see one, but I didn’t want to see one in my kitchen. Actually, in my kitchen, living room, bedroom.
Luckily, my dog, Maggie Mae, didn’t even wake up because she would be freaked out forever.
That dog fears her own shadow, let alone a tree frog in her tiny house. That is something she would never forget.
Then, I went to the bathroom and thought my ponytail holder was a huge grass spider. I started whacking it with a dish towel. Fully awake now. I almost killed an inanimate object.
Moving right along, the night before last, I was cooking a sweet potato when flames burst out of my microwave and the whole trailer filled with smoke.
Mind you, I bought a brand-new trailer so I wouldn’t have any problems.
But this morning, I’m up at 6:00 a.m. so the trailer can go to the dealer. The only dealer out of four who would take me for warranty work, because they take in their own customers first.
Funny, they don’t tell you that when they say you have a one-year warranty, good anywhere in the USA.
I only got this appointment because somebody canceled, or it would have been a month.
Honestly, I’m trying to rough it, but it’s really rough if I can’t heat the dog food.
Hopefully it’ll be fixed, before my daughter gets here to visit tonight or tomorrow morning,
Otherwise, I hope Motel 6 really does leave the light on, because tonight, we might be looking for one.
I always try to see the best in a bad situation.
This one has amused me to the point of laughing hysterically.
I’m sitting under the blue lights with my coffee, hoping that tree frog doesn’t jump on my head now.
One thing life has taught me, the story that I can write about almost anything can turn it into an adventure, and on the plus side, I might actually get to see a Florida sunrise.
I’m also thankful that I wasn’t sleeping or on the road when the microwave flamed, because it has been smelling like burnt plastic all along, and I thought it was burning off the new smell. LOL
P.S. Coachman Apex Nano, 2019. I’ve had it for three months, and the list for repairs today is a page long. Already replaced two roof fan shields that crumbled, outside speaker and two jacks. Dealer also has to replace refrigerator.

The Night The Stuff Went Down

I think I’m having decluttering remorse.
Almost like waking up after a blackout, trying to remember each item I tossed.
“I threw away what last night?”
I don’t really need to item by item remember, because it ALL went.
What was in the last room that I attacked with the rage born from exhaustion and frustration?
Just everything I had thought was important enough to move from house to house, even if I never opened the boxes.
The next day was moving day, and I thought the last room would only take a few hours. Although the anxiety I felt every time I went in there over the past year should have warned me.
It was just a corner filled with boxes. Boxes I hadn’t opened since two houses ago, some hadn’t been opened for twenty years.
I had spent the last three weeks decluttering. Selling and giving away the contents of a ten-room house, cellar and garage.
I was on a roll. How hard could this last corner be?
I had thrown away my wedding heels a few months ago, so I thought I had toughened up.
The contents of several boxes had been scattered for weeks, opened and left, the victim of my confusion. Well, I had no choice now.

Tonight, was my deadline and I dug in, armed with kitchen trash bags. It didn’t take long for me to go downstairs and find the huge, green bags.
I always knew I was a good packer, but I don’t know how I fit so much content into those boxes.
I filled at least six green bags with CD’s and cassettes and that was just the beginning.
Some of the CD’S had been special to me. Our ten-year anniversary by Alabama I had signed, “Then Again…Forever, you and me.” I kept that one.
I had listened to and loved each CD at some time in my past.
As I looked through them, I was overwhelmed by how many there were and I began to grab handfuls, shoving them into the green bags.
So many material things I no longer needed or wanted, but surely my frustration added volume to the trash pile.
I was angry, and I was sad, and I just wanted to be free from stuff. Too much stuff.
Our mind is like a computer and it captures every little thing we have ever done, seen or felt and much of my frustration was because I was replaying those memories as I threw each thing away.
My wedding dress got special treatment. It was 3:00 a.m. and I walked outside and hung it on a tree beside the yard sale.
My neighbor was still outside because she was getting ready to have a yard sale with me, and she said, “You have to take a picture,” and of course, I did. As I took pictures, I realized that I was trying to capture my emotional whirlpool in a snapshot of a wedding dress.
The dress had fit like it was designed for me, draping my tiny hips, and it had made Mum smile, because back then, I seldom wore dresses. As I ran my fingers down the silky dress, I could see her smiling face.
I remembered the day I went shopping for it with my mum and how proud she was that I was marrying such a good man, a man who worked and took care of me and my three kids financially.
She special ordered artificial roses for my corsage and for the wedding, because I was allergic to flowers and I remembered how the florist thoughtlessly sprayed them with rose perfume and I sneezed all day.
I threw the still rosy corsage away too tonight, along with a box of wedding day souvenirs.
We never dreamed thirty-eight years ago it would end this way, my wedding dress hung in a tree for a yard sale, all alone in the dark. Us, living in separate houses. Big ouch.
Couldn’t hold on till morning. Needed to let it go, let it go.
He was here helping me finish up the packing and for the closing, and I couldn’t afford to show any weaknesses in front of him. It was a real test.
His heart was hurting as he saw me throw away our memories.
The picture Mum bought me because she thought it looked like us, my IHRA umbrella and hundreds of presents he had bought me.
I think it hit him hardest when he saw my books start to go. Fifteen house and thirty-eight years, and through it all, he’d been complaining about moving my books. I always found ways to resist his demands to get rid of the damn books, because I loved my books. I had learned that if I carried the boxes in and out of the moving trucks, it wasn’t as bad, but even then, the “weight” it added bothered him.
I usually soothe him when he’s hurting, even if he’s sad because he hurt me, but not anymore. Not anymore. Recovering codependent, yes, I am.
Now, as I rerun the night of the huge declutter through my mind, I am proud and sad and proud.
I let it go, I let it go.
I let it all go so I could move on, move into my twenty-foot Coachmen Nano Apex travel trailer and on to the next chapter of this story I am living as I create it.
I took pictures of things that touched my heart as I tossed, and that was enough stuff, for me.