Tree Frogs and Trailers

Why am I up at 6 o’clock in the morning you might ask. Well first, I had to get out of bed and catch a tree frog who was plopping around in my kitchen.
I’ve been really wanting to see one, but I didn’t want to see one in my kitchen. Actually, in my kitchen, living room, bedroom.
Luckily, my dog, Maggie Mae, didn’t even wake up because she would be freaked out forever.
That dog fears her own shadow, let alone a tree frog in her tiny house. That is something she would never forget.
Then, I went to the bathroom and thought my ponytail holder was a huge grass spider. I started whacking it with a dish towel. Fully awake now. I almost killed an inanimate object.
Moving right along, the night before last, I was cooking a sweet potato when flames burst out of my microwave and the whole trailer filled with smoke.
Mind you, I bought a brand-new trailer so I wouldn’t have any problems.
But this morning, I’m up at 6:00 a.m. so the trailer can go to the dealer. The only dealer out of four who would take me for warranty work, because they take in their own customers first.
Funny, they don’t tell you that when they say you have a one-year warranty, good anywhere in the USA.
I only got this appointment because somebody canceled, or it would have been a month.
Honestly, I’m trying to rough it, but it’s really rough if I can’t heat the dog food.
Hopefully it’ll be fixed, before my daughter gets here to visit tonight or tomorrow morning,
Otherwise, I hope Motel 6 really does leave the light on, because tonight, we might be looking for one.
I always try to see the best in a bad situation.
This one has amused me to the point of laughing hysterically.
I’m sitting under the blue lights with my coffee, hoping that tree frog doesn’t jump on my head now.
One thing life has taught me, the story that I can write about almost anything can turn it into an adventure, and on the plus side, I might actually get to see a Florida sunrise.
I’m also thankful that I wasn’t sleeping or on the road when the microwave flamed, because it has been smelling like burnt plastic all along, and I thought it was burning off the new smell. LOL
P.S. Coachman Apex Nano, 2019. I’ve had it for three months, and the list for repairs today is a page long. Already replaced two roof fan shields that crumbled, outside speaker and two jacks. Dealer also has to replace refrigerator.

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