( #10 SHE Saga) Let It Go, Let It Go


I feel numb and She is hiding.  I know she’s furious with me and she didn’t believe that I would go through with my plan to get rid of everything that I didn’t absolutely need or want…before we moved into our tiny home on wheels.

I guess it was my turn to pitch a fit. It happened when I was decluttering tonight, when I was down to facing the boxes that I hadn’t unpacked in over ten years.

She objected over every piece I tossed. She cried. She screamed.

She was so upset that she had me walking in circles, holding things to my chest, paralyzed by grief and indecision. After about an hour of circles, I snapped.

“Stop! Stop, leave me the f… alone,” I screamed as I dumped another pile of boxes in the middle of the room. When the pile was gigantic, I sat down beside it with a kitchen trash can beside me.

She left and the silence was eerie.

I quickly filled that kitchen bag, so I went downstairs for the green yard bags and I kept going.

I dragged at least six green bags full of papers, memories, CD’s and tapes down the stairs tonight and out onto the front porch for trash day. Plus, containers and boxes full of stuff.

My wedding dress got special treatment. It was 3:00 a.m. and I walked outside and hung it on a tree beside the yard sale.

My neighbor was still outside because she was getting ready to have a yard sale with me, and she said, “You have to take a picture,” and of course, I did.

As I took pictures, trying to capture my emotional whirlpool in a snapshot of a dress, I remembered the day I went shopping for it with my mum and how proud she was that I was marrying such a good man, a man who worked and took care of me and my three kids financially.

I remembered how happy she was to buy the dress for me, and in 1983, $27.00 was a lot of money.

The dress draped my tiny hips like it was designed just for me, and it made Mum smile because back then, I seldom wore dresses.

She special ordered artificial roses for my corsage and for the wedding, because I was allergic to flowers and I remember how the florist thoughtlessly sprayed them with rose perfume and I sneezed all day.

Our mind is like a computer and it captures every little thing we have ever done, seen or felt.

I threw the still rosy corsage away tonight too, along with a box of wedding day souvenirs. We never dreamed thirty-eight years ago it would end this way, my wedding dress hung in a tree for a yard sale, all alone in the dark. Big ouch.

Couldn’t hold on till morning. Needed to let it go, let it go.

He was here helping me finish up the packing and for the closing, and I couldn’t afford to show any weaknesses in front of him. It was a real test.

His heart was hurting as he saw me throw away our memories.

The picture Mum bought me because she thought it looked like us, my IHRA umbrella and dozens of presents he had bought me.

I think it hit him hardest when he saw my books start to go. Fifteen houses and thirty-eight years, through it all, he’d been complaining about moving my books. I always found ways to resist his demands to get rid of the damn books, because I loved my books. I had learned that if I carried the boxes in and out of the moving trucks, it wasn’t as bad, but even then, the “weight” it added bothered him.

I usually soothe him when he’s hurting, even if he’s sad because he hurt me, but not anymore. (Codependency, which I’m recovering from, one day at a time…amen.)

I probably went too far tonight, when I shoved She away with all my strength.
She left, but I know she will be back, so I’m going to enjoy this time without her.

It’s the first time in forever that she hasn’t been challenging me, quietly or violently.

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12 thoughts on “( #10 SHE Saga) Let It Go, Let It Go”

  1. Before I go to #1 saga, I just wanted to ask if I can borrow “She”, or maybe get rid of my own She at least long enough to declutter yet again. I’m down to living in a space about 5 ft, square because my stuff is filling all the rest of the space. Seems as if I am constantly hauling bags out to the dumpster but I almost immediately replace it all with something new. I’m currently sewing together a couple of dozen quilt tops in hopes that as soon as they are finished I can toss everything else and settle in to quilt the rest of my life away. That’s what I tell myself, anyway. And as the song goes, “that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!” Love ya girl! ❤

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      1. I seldom miss the things that have been packed away for a year or more, It’s only when I need something and KNOW I have it somewhere that I miss it because I know it was in the latest pile of stuff I took down to the dumpster. I also feel so free until I look up one day and notice I’m surrounded by stuff again. I’ll have to look up my old poem “No U-hauls Behind A Hearse” one of these days — unless it was one of the many papers I tossed a couple of months ago……<3

        Liked by 1 person

        1. U make me smile. I love no u hauls behind a hearse. I am the same, never need it till its gone. On the plus side, whenever my daughter needs some weird thing, i always seemed to have it. I gave her my box of dodads. Curtain hanging stuff, picture hanging stuff, out of control who knows whats, screws, nails and pieces to furniture i dont even remember. Told her she’d never need another thing to set up house. Then, we couldnt find the box because she just moved too, luckily to a bigger house cause I filled it, and i had to go buy stuff to hang her pictures and curtains. Stuff wins again.❤

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      1. I’m terrible at organizing but really talented when it comes to hiding stuff in closets. It seems like I can fit in everything except my clothes, which I have hanging on some portable rods. And all my attempts to separate items into bins of like tyhings, like separating my miles of fabrics into separate colors instead of dumping them all together never work out. Even taking miles of the fabric to a local nursing home for the quilters there didn’t help much. I still can’t see the end, but hopefully I’ll get tired of cutting out quilt pieces ans sewing them together sooner rather than later and decide that the dozen or so tops are enough for now. Then I can clean out all of the excess fabric and free up most of my space in both rooms. Wish me luck on that one.

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