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Most often…


When you think

I have forgotten

about you…

When your phone

doesn’t ring

when your text

doesn’t flash

when I’m not posting

any PINK Bling…

That’s when I’m

thinking of you

most often.

As I wander

through my flowers

flitting around

just a blue

butterfly orphan,

my only


the flowers I walk in…

That’s when I’m

thinking of you

most often.

Jeanne Marie, 2014


12 thoughts on “Most often…

      1. Oh, Honey, you don’t know how many times I have been in that position and usually it is those exact posts people like the most. I have been renewed as of today and you will be seeing more of my Truth Sayings. Love, Amy

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        1. You are so right, I have noticed that too! Glad you are feeling renewed. I love your pictures, your writing, your sweetness and your bad a– attitude! (Quite appropriate in all us sweet women at times!) Love ya, Jeanne


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