I Am She


There was a time when my mother was middle-aged and me?
I was young and naive, not a care in the world; the arrogance of youth was on my side
I was a footloose hippie girl and I thought love was free.
Her skin was firm and tanned, black waves of hair fell to her shoulders
softly surrounding her fair face, bosom quite generous,
legs as fine as any model, she was my mother,
but with flower child simplicity, I used to call her Grace.
She was spirited back then, although she seemed quite old to me,
and how did I become imprisoned while she has learned to fly–a butterfly set free?
Tonight, as I glance into the mirror, my middle-aged face stares back.
Have I become her, and she, the child I used to be?
At seventy-three she’s still a beauty, but time’s fire has burned its’ trail
and when she had a stroke last year,
I realized how deeply she had aged; yet, become so childlike, so frail.
My firm skin, my shapely legs, will soon bow down to time,
much as my bell-bottoms and tie-up tops gave way
to blue jeans and then on to stretch pants and a baggy tee.
I will lose this interval named youth and as I look into her face,
I see my future and
I am she.

by Jeanne Marie
My mom went to play with the angels in 2009.

17 thoughts on “I Am She”

  1. This is truly beautiful. It really reached me. Thank you for posting it. I’m ill but will work through your older posts as health permits. Your site is great! I love the format; it’s easier to follow than many. Blessings!


    1. Thank you. It makes me happy when readers respond to works about my Mom. I’m thrilled that you are enjoying my writing. I am ill too, with crippling arthritis. Some days are good, some days are bad, but every day that I can write or read is a blessing. This is my first blog, so thank you for letting me know I did a good job on my setup. I love your writing too, sorry I didn’t take time to tell you. Your words are beautiful. Jeanne Marie


      1. It’s very nice to meet you. I really enjoy when people speak from their hearts; it isn’t always an easy thing to do, so I respect it greatly. Thank you for your support also on my site. I appreciate that. I understand some days must be very painful for you to write; so I am truly thankful that you’re able to manage it; to be here. Blessings on your day.


    2. Very nice to meet you too! What an amazing age we live in, finding friends and other writers through the internet. I know the internet has a negative side, but the plus side is incredible. Hope you have a great day too.


  2. Thank you for touching my soul and pricking my tears as I read this. As yet this touches me most of your few posts that I have read, yet I will keep reading and then I’ll look for your book and then I’ll take another tangent and the book that I am writing will remain; slowly evolving 😉


  3. Beautiful. As I look at my mother, and now at my beautiful daughter, I see myself right in the middle. “I am she” applies to both of them.
    Wonderful writing, so happy to have found you! (Thank you for finding me….!)


    1. Thank you, what a wonderful compliment. I was also in the middle with my mom and daughters, now with daughters and granddaughters. My youngest daughter loves and hates this poem. Happy to find you too.


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