Hi Mom, This Is Me

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I recently published my book, Women Who Think Too Much. I held onto this manuscript for almost 20 years, afraid to be judged, because I bared my soul in those pages. I waited so long that someone else published a book with the same name.
My writer’s group encouraged me to edit and finish this book and they believed that my words had value. My editor and friend poured her heart and soul into this book, she fell in love with this book. Read every draft, every word, over and over and over.
My writing group believed that my words could touch and maybe help another person, and to my surprise, releasing my book released so many of my own pent up fears, that it helped me. After growing up with my promise/threat to publish WWTTM, my son just kept saying, “Just publish the damn thing.”
I am out there now. ME, THE REAL ME. I felt the walls come down. And so, I helped myself, even if I never sell more than the 11 copies I have sold.
I am not hiding in my blog, I am coming out.
Hello, fellow writers. This is me. Jeanne Marie.

This is my book’s dedication.

To my mom, Mrs. Grace Christine Doucette, 1926-2009.

Mom, without your love and support, I wouldn’t have found the courage to write this book. It all began with my first computer and a four-page letter to you in 1998.
You proudly passed the pages (composed of essays, poetry and pictures) around to family and friends.

When they asked for more, I let my imagination fly in print. That was how the newsletter, “Women Who Think Too Much” was born.

Within a few months, I had subscribers in eleven states and Canada. The full-color newsletter grew to sixteen pages and at my invitation, many guest poets and guest writers were featured, but most of all, I will always treasure your submissions.

I wrote WWTTM for twenty-four months and then I allowed life to get in my way. The bulk of this book was written back then, but never finished despite your persistent encouragement. It may not even be finished now, but it’s printed.
I miss you every day…

Until next time, love, Jeanne Marie

Women Who Think Too Much available at:Ebook



22 thoughts on “Hi Mom, This Is Me”

    I wish you the best Jeanne and kudos to your mom for supporting and motivating you. Likewise to you although I haven’t published any book yet my dear mother is my ardent fan who encourages me to do so as well.
    Appreciate your writings here.
    Hope to read your book someday!

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      1. Certainly will. Thank you Jeanne for your generous gesture. When we women think of being supportive to one another, a lot that is wrong in the world can be nurtured back to health and happiness. I do believe our greatest strength is from our vulnerability. Much goodwill Cheers 😇

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              1. Read it and yes reality bites indeed! However healing accelerates in the expressing.

                When Life doesn’t seem yours at all.
                It takes a strong will to break free.
                To reclaim your life back again
                The lesson to remember…

                Never back down!
                The assertion for self liberation and freedom is a journey towards resurrection.

                My best wishes always
                Dont know if you read it already but I remember one of my posts on similar lines
                Sharing the link

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  2. OMG I so know this feeling JM. I love that you shared it just like this. This is why I never blogged or wrote with my actual name and face. It was hard for me to own all my stuff. Then when my stuff was out there, it freaked some people out, mainly my family. I can’t tell if they think I’m a freak, crazy or messed up. I think they think a little of both. I”m like a two stepper with the truth, two forward then one back into my shell and hide. I so love the illustration of the front of your book. We all wear masks. I have often said if people knew what I was really thinking they would run.
    I love that you were brave, and I also love that you friended me on WP. Can I tell you that I have actually found more love and acceptance here then in my own huge family? To me that’s really sad but I have resigned as official fixer of all broken things, especially my own heart. I have only read the first two pages I want to read it with my daughter, we like to do that. I love this blog post. You are an amazingly brave woman, and I KNOW down in my KNOWER you have something to say that will hit the nail right on the head for me. One thing I find comfort in, is knowing I am not alone! Thank you for sharing this with me and also for writing this book! WOW is all I can say JeanneMarie. I love our middle name it makes a song I think! 🙂

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    1. It was really hard to expose my heart to the world but even more so to my family. I am so happy we connected too. I think this applies to most of us, “I’m like a two stepper with the truth, two forward then one back into my shell and hide. I so love the illustration of the front of your book. We all wear masks. I have often said if people knew what I was really thinking they would run.” Definitely to me. It is so good to find kindred spirits.
      Hugs, Jeanne Marie

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  3. Those damn rose-colored glasses can create such a shady false light that we don’t even recognize the blindfold covering the eyes on the image staring back at us in the mirror. Your book, Women Who Think Too Much, shines a bright light of humor on serious issues. In all that laughter is the courage to put fear where it belongs. Instead of staying afraid to take off the rose-colored glasses, the impulse to keep them on becomes terrifying.

    Your mom’s poem is evidence that her sense of humor was a guiding force to a way out of the dysfunctional cycle.

    I’ve read your book…more than once. Instead of congratulatory gratitude (which you absolutely deserve), Jeanne Marie, I give you a big, brave and hearty HEE HA HA YEEHAH! as I stomp my own pair of rose-colored glasses.

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