Raining Outside…Sunshine Inside

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I am constantly, seriously blessed. Do you see the sunlight in front of me and behind me? I don’t think that is even possible. This picture was taken during a sunrise at the beach last week.
I have hundreds of pictures of flowers from this past year where the sunlight is behind the flower and it’s wrapping around to the front. I have pics and videos where the sunlight is dancing in front of me and the sunbeams are reaching down to me. I have butterflies that flit around my face and shoulders and then, they pose for pictures. I touch a plant and it bursts with blooms and growth.Three great grand-babies in a year’s span and a granddaughter due in December!
If you know me, you know how much I love babies and grand-kids, so these babies are a colossal blessing.
When you see the pics where my arms are reaching for the sky, here is what I’m doing. I am lifting everything and everyone I love up to God. I am opening my soul and inviting the power of God, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth and the Rain to flow into my soul, to guide my heart in all choices I make that day. I ask God to take all my pain and my burdens. I release all negative energy. I am embracing the moment and grounding myself in the power of God. (My daughter Jodie taught me this grounding exercise about 15 years ago.)
My problems don’t go away when I do this, but my stress level goes down.
It changes how I look at life that day, creating a positive glow in my heart.
Speaking of miracles, I have been asking God for a miracle. Something so big that I could really see it, something just for me. He delivered.
My baby sister Susanne talked to me this week for the first time in ten years. I don’t even know why she walked away from me to begin with and I am not going to question why she has reopened the door to her heart and invited me back in. I’m just going to love her.
Hi Susanne. You are my miracle.