God Bless America

God Bless America

My Apple Tree

Planted a Macoun apple tree on our two acre farm. Well, my husband did the digging part. I loved setting it in the ground and covering the roots with soil.
I’ve planted banana, orange, avocado and peach trees, but this was my first apple tree. My first farm too. I am in love with this land and the 1880 farmhouse is a bonus.
Next spring, God willing, I’m going to have a field plowed and plant half sunflowers and half veggies.
This is our sixteenth house and it feels like it could be the resting point. It feels like home.


What You Love


What you love the most can kill you as you hold it close.
Danger never made itself known as she buried her face in the lilacs,
inhaling the sweet, sugary scent of the velvety, purple blossoms.
She closed her eyes and inhaled the ambrosia as she gently held the delicate bunches in her hands, her favorite perfume filling her senses with pleasure.
Overwhelmed with passion, she didn’t feel the spider that crawled up her neck.
As it bit into the tender flesh under her windblown hair, she was so lost in the moment, lost in the lilacs, she didn’t even feel the deadly bite.
He injected his poisonous venom into her soft flesh as she caressed the lilacs.
What you love the most can kill you as you hold it close.




She hates colors that aren’t colors
colors that are shades of something
that used to be brilliant.
She learned to hide her colors gradually
through the years and as she let him
water her down with his words,
she gently faded into a no color version
a salamander who changed her colors to hide.
She let him turn her into a shade of something
that used to be brilliant.