Wild Flowers and Me

Someone asked me why I water the weeds around my home and I said, “Because many of the weeds I have watered, turned out to be wild flowers.”

21 thoughts on “Wild Flowers and Me”

  1. Yes! I find that in my flower gardens if I let the ‘Weeds’ grow and flourish, the insects, birds are fed and I don’t have to worry about spraying for bugs or having to buy more next year! They come back on their own and bring the family πŸ˜€

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        1. Working on the house still. Guess that’s our new hobby. No internet until middle of August. Been having lots of good days, half in gardens and half in house. It’s neat watching hard work bear fruit, in and out! Going to see my older sister in Maine tomorrow. Yay!
          Picked a bowl full of cucumbers from my garden today. What a thrill.
          Just loving it all…πŸ’β€

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          1. Wow! Sounds wonderful to be doing what you want, when you want!! Have a great and safe trip to Your sister’s in Maine. Maine is so picturesque!! Bring photos back for us???
            Are you going to make pickled cukes? They are so good that way. Great snack, especially cold! Yum!

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  2. yes, and i recently had a situation where i planted a huge array of wildflower seeds, and the landscapers at my condo thought they were weeds and ‘helped me out’ by weeding them )

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      1. It was a sad moment and it was full and green, and many were on the cusp of blooming. They truly thought they were helping me out, and we’re all in the same page moving ahead

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