Maggie Mae and her purse…


I was getting ready to leave for the airport this morning and realized that Maggie Mae was planning on coming with me. I didn’t get out today and rearranged to leave Saturday, so she eased up on her packing. She didn’t realize that she wasn’t going with me and I’m not gonna tell her until I hug her goodbye on Saturday.
She loves her new sister and her new Daddy so she will be fine, but I’m already missing her. If you haven’t been following my saga, “Jodie’s Journey” I adopted Maggie Mae when her Momma, my daughter Jodie, went to prison April 7.
I’m going to Oklahoma to meet my third great grand baby, Violet Dawn, just a little over two weeks old! Met Carter, my second great grand baby last month. He is just over two months old and I met Ricky, my first great grand baby at the same time. Ricky is a handsome one-year-old. Grand baby number 14, courtesy of my son Rick and his angel Jessica, is due in December. It is The Year of the Babies for us.

17 thoughts on “Maggie Mae and her purse…”

    1. Having a rough time, but hanging in there. She is still basically in a holding room with pallets on the floor, 40 or more women, city jail, waiting to be transferred to a prison. Thanks for thinking of her…


      1. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. I will talk to you more when she gets moved as I would like to put funds into her account. I support her in so many ways!


        1. Thank you…I feel your empathy and your prayers. I count you among my blessings and hers. If you just want to write to her, that would also encourage her and lift her up. She knows about my blog and I have told her that she is loved and lifted up in prayer by about a dozen friends on wordpress. Letters will follow her.
          Hugs, Jeanne Marie

          Jodie Tiger
          Muskogee County Jail
          122 South 3rd Street
          Muskogee, OK 74401


    1. Go get one! My dogs get me playing and laughing, even on my worst day. There are millions of dogs needing a home! Ms. Kita came to us from Orange County Shelter (Orlando) as a tiny 3 pound mess. She weighs almost nine pounds now and is a bigger mess. We have always had three or four small dogs at a time, because everyone told us about dogs who needed to be rescued, but we were down to one before I took Maggie Mae home. We are getting older, my husband retired and we didn’t want to be so tied to the house. Still, I love her so much. Maggie Mae and Ms. Kita wrestle and play most of the day. Dogs give so much love and I believe that they are little balls of angel spirit.


      1. I so agree with you! I am not ready to get another yet.. I have had many dogs in my life that have blessed me with their angel-spirits (as you so wisely say). Sadly, my last puppy, little Percy, a white chihuahua with the sweetest canine-ality you could ever find, had to be given away as I kept getting ill and had hospital stays for all of the time he was with us. At first my kids were great with him, but with all three of them in school and work, he was lonely and was making messes in the house. I would come home to my lonely little puppy and was so in love with him, but so very ill. My son’s good friend offered to take him into his family. I am happy he is there and cared for but miss him so much.

        When I am well enough for long enough and when life has settled a bit, I will have another one. They are just such a wonderful spirit-lifter. Their love is like no other.


        1. That is true love, letting him go because it was best for him. Incredibly strong and loving. Sorry I gave you my spiel about adopting. I try to pass that message along, but you already know the value of an angel dog’s love. Ms. Kita was my first Chihuahua and Maggie Mae is a long-haired silky Chihuahua. I always had poodles and Yorkies because of my allergies to regular dog hair. Ms. Kita got my allergies going at first, but I think she has built up my immunity because Maggie Mae doesn’t get me itchy or sneezing. I hope you get to see your baby once in a while. I know Chihuahuas need an enormous amount of attention. They are so sweet but very bossy and way to smart. Hugs, JM


          1. Thanks so much.. yes, I am ready for another visit, though. My first chihuahua was also half Jack-Terrier. Not at mix I’d recommend! he was soooo intelligent, but an ornery little fellow that was loving and sweet then would turn tail on you in a heartbeat biting your ankles and barking you straight to you know where!
            Percy on the other hand, is gentle and timid. Not at all a typical chihuahua. Not even a bit of bossiness in him.
            Gosh I have to make a date soon!
            I had a Yorkie, that I loved a lot also – would have another in a heartbeat. My favourite of all of my dogs, however, was a cockapoo with such a brilliance and loyalty, friendliness and happiness, unmatched by any I’ve known. I still miss him 10 years later.
            Anyhow, I am rambling about all my other babies now, so best I stop.
            Have a great night and big hugs,


            1. Yes, I still miss every baby I have lost. Eight in all. I think that God gave us dogs to love with a shorter life span than us to teach us how to lose someone we love and go on…have a blessed night, JM


              1. Wow.. I have never thought of it that way! My goodness, that is such a wonderful insight. They are so very precious and loving.. so hard to lose.
                Bless you lots and sweet dreams,


  1. Oh my, what a full plate you have Jeanne Marie! I am sorry to hear about your daughter, but so happy for you and your grandchildren! Such trials and still you are so uplifting and inspiring. Bless you lots!


    1. Thank you so much! It is a very strange time in my life with such a mix of joy and grief. I am so very grateful for all the new babies because playing with my grandbabies is my favorite activity and has been for the last 24 years. (I was only 36 when my first two grandkids were born.) Now, I’m on to round two with the great grandbabies. I am so blessed. Michelle Marie is another huge blessing because we just bounce creativity back and forth between us and I love doing our thinkingpinkx2. Plus, I am blessed by all wonderful people I have met on, like you!


      1. I am happy for you! My sister became a grandmother at 36 as well and is very involved in her grand-daughter’s life. She is a little dolly.
        I am happy that God has given you so much joy – it is amazing how He can bring people together across the miles in ways that just were not possible before.


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