She’s Still Alive

I looked in the mirror this morning

and the woman who once loved you

looked back at me.

I thought she died.

I tried to kill her literally, emotionally

and in every way possible because

I don’t want love that hurts.

I looked in the mirror this morning

and the woman who once loved you

looked back at me.

She’s still alive.

35 thoughts on “She’s Still Alive”

  1. I love the repetition here. It serves to truly emphasis the whole sentiment of the poem. It is lovely, though kind of sad too. ❤️

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      1. But of course, Dear!! I love your writing and the more the better!!! Hoping for some words to write another Duet! Ha! Yes, please stay in the creative flow! Elfchens are good for that!
        See what your Creative Flow did for me? LOL This is an Elfchen – eleven words in the format below. First and last word have to be different. You try? Dare You!

        By Charles Robert Lindholm

        Is Wonderful
        To See Her
        Swimming In Her Creative
        Copyright (c) 2020 Charles Robert Lindholm
        All Rights Reserved

        Thanks for this little gift!!! Still trying to tempt you into a Duet!!!

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          1. Ha! Thank you so much!! You are like me – easily pleased! So appreciate it, My Dear!!
            Now it’s your turn to write an Elfchen! Write one about gardening and your hands in the dirt! You still have a dare against you???? LOL!

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                  1. Wrestling Elfchens?? No, No, Elfchens are like fairys. Fun, playful and sweet! Don’t be biased against the Dear Little Elfchen!! Just tap your fingers eleven times and put a word with each tap and Magic – an Elfchen! LOL!

                    Be Afraid
                    Of Little Elfchens
                    Let Them Bring You

                    Well, I hope I will be able to persuade you over time to give them a try! Ha!

                    Saves Up Her
                    Strength So She
                    Can Battle With Her

                    Look what I found!!
                    Congratulations! I found an Elfchen hiding in your comment above!!! I think it was waiting to come out to make sure you won the fight with the Dragons!!! Your words whispered to me and asked if they can be posted so the world can love them. I told them I would talk to you about it?? I think the world would love them???
                    You are too much fun, Jeanne!! Ha!

                    Hope you are enjoying your Whirlwinding!!

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      1. It was when I was at my very bottom 7 years ago this next Thursday. Sick from my alcoholism. I had the desperation of a dying woman. I fell to my knees, and I found my God. He gave me a new life, and I have by the grace of God been sober since. I know how to live life without numbing myself now. I have the tool, and hope today. So honestly I am all the better for that time in my life! Blessings

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