Twenty-Five Years (2005)

Twenty-five years she has spent waiting.
Will he love her tonight?
Waiting for him to shut off the TV,
Put the football to bed.
Dance her around the kitchen,
Arms around her so tight.
But it’s late when the game is over,
and all she gets is a quick kiss with his,
“I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.”
Twenty-five years she can’t erase.
In the mirror she sees old pain in her eyes
Remnants of twenty-five years of fights.
Wrinkles dust her once smooth face.
Wrinkles she did not see yesterday
The wrinkles a present of time
Now permanently in place.
Her dreams will never
One magical day come true
Because she wasted her youth
Longing for love from you.
Wrinkles tell her that one day at a time
She threw twenty-five years away
She has waited far too long
To find her happy ever-after someday.
No strong arms will hold her,
No lover will whisper in her ear
No lover’s voice gentle in the night.
She’s old, she’s tired and hair is fast turning gray
Her kids are all gone, even her baby has his own
And another baby on the way.
It finally hits her. Yes. She is alone.
Because she chose to continue to fight
Change her life, stand on her own.
When she was blooming she never knew
The sweet soft skin, the silky auburn hair
It would not, it could not last.
The ending has been written and
The characters have all been cast.

19 thoughts on “Twenty-Five Years (2005)”

  1. Just wanted to also thank you, Jeanne Marie for taking journeys through my 2017 archives!! I am humbled and honored that you have spent your precious time on my words!! I hope you found a few that spoke to your heart!!!
    xoxo 😊🌹😘

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  2. Dear Jeanne Marie, I have to tell you that your post brought me to tears with me vividly visualizing your words and knowing the aching internal pain and suffering experienced by you!! I wanted to reach out and give you the biggest bear hug!!! I have been duped by societies dictates of what is right and proper in the past. I know that the guilt and shame intended to preserve a social sacrament is a slow and poisonous death for your inner soul and heart. It takes time, wisdom and strength to come to realize the lies are just lies! My Dearest, Life is too short, to be anything but Happy!! Vows and promises are not meant to chain a heart and soul in a physically deprived state or an emotional prison, a barren relationship with no joy, or physical or emotional satisfaction or fulfillment is not God’s desire for your life!! It is rules, laws and traditions established by man to hold onto what they cannot keep if free will was granted to a heart on a daily basis. Shame, guilt, consequences and a sense of failure keep suffering souls in a prison while their lives swiftly pass by as they Wish for more but fail to act. A goal is a wish with a plan! As painful as it is to end a relationship and let go the end of hurting and pain will allow your heart to dance again – no matter at what age. You can find your heart’s desire. just be open to the journey and make your test drive at least two years!! Happiness and the fulfillment of your dreams will not just magically appear, you have to seek them out, at any age! One of the best quotes I’ve ever read is, “What have you done today, to make your dreams come true?” A post-it on the mirror?
    Would love for you to read a couple of my poems, if you would be so kind, on this subject?
    “She Hopes For More” –
    and “Letting Go” – if you like them and think them worthy and of benefit to your readers and followers, I’d love it if you would be so kind and share them with reblogs!!
    LAH, Dear Jeanne!!
    xoxo 🌹😘💖😊

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    1. Loved your poems, and thank you for the empathy. This poem is actually over 15 years old and today, I have found my space and my peace. We are even good friends.
      I have been digging through boxes of writing and some pieces touched me, so I posted. I probably need to add dates. Thank you for caring and encouraging me, always. Hugs, JM

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      1. Wow! So this poem is like 15 plus 25 years on top of that? Yes, I have found that once you remove money and sex you can usually have a civil relationship with an Ex. So happy you have found your space and peace. Important for your Soul!! Please go through those boxes and dig out all of your writings and get it written out and saved for the future and start posting it for your followers that Love Your Work – me!! I understand not being able to be yourself in a relationship and yes, I do care and want to support and encourage you in any way you need! Thanks so much for supporting my words!! Glad you liked the two poems!!!

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          1. Great I will be anxiously awaiting it!! Oh? And by the way, I haven’t heard back from you on our little duet from awhile back? What Could Have Been?? Sent via email. Are you torturing me with the suspense of your approval? I hope you won’t make me beg – It’s not really pretty.
            xoxo 😊💕🌹

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