What Am I?

I am hard and I am soft.
I have sharp edges and smooth worn curves.
I am strength and I am weakness.
I can be broken, but I am unbreakable.
I will stand by you when you are wrong,
I will rejoice when you succeed.
I will stand by you when the world walks away.
I will leave you and I will always be beside you.
I will pull inside myself like a snail when you hurt me.
I will bloom like a flower when you love me.
I am a soft place to fall.
I am the hardest place to go when you have fallen.
I will always love you
No matter what you do or become,
You can’t lose my love.
I will smother you.
I will release you,
To explore your own strengths.
I will let you walk away if you hate me,
I will keep my door open if you want to return.
I will soul glide with you.
I will cry with you.
I will fight with you.
I would take a bullet for you.
I will make mistakes that will hurt you,
But no one could ever love you more.
I am where your life began and I am
Where you will always long to return.
I am not perfect,
But God thought I was perfect for you.
I am your mother.

18 thoughts on “What Am I?”

    1. Thank you for the reblog. Made my day. After all my years of writing, I still can not judge what I write and your response to this poem made me realize, I just need to post and not think about it too much. Mainly, I write for me, because the words in my head insist that I do, but I love sharing and I love reading other writers, connecting in meaningful ways. Thank you for your persistent encouragement. Also thank you for sharing so many awesome writers because I have connected with many outstanding writers simply through your sharing. You do the legwork and we all reap the benefits.
      I still have to re-follow you, and a few others, at least once a week and that really bugs me. Stupid glitch.
      Thank you for being you, generous and caring.
      You remind me so much of dear, sweet Natalie. I miss her.


  1. Amazingly Awesome!! I think you should definitely submit this to every woman’s magazine on the planet, My Dear!!! These are the wishes of every kid!! Bellissimo, Bellissimo
    xoxo πŸ’–βœ¨πŸŒΉπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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