moonchild, an anthology of women’s verse and prose, 1976

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

My first published piece was a poem in moonchild, an anthology of women’s verse and prose. It was published by Suha Publications in 1976. I gave my oldest daughter my only copy of the book because the poem was about her.
Recently, I was searching for another copy, never believing that I would find one, but I found several copies on I bought two and I was as excited when they arrived last week as I was when my book arrived in 1976.
My first words in print. The experience taught me that I could be published. It validated me as a writer, handed me proof that I was a poet.
If you haven’t been published on paper yet, do it. Submit until you are published. It is not only possible but very likely and the experience will give you wings. You don’t have to be published to be a writer…

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5 thoughts on “moonchild, an anthology of women’s verse and prose, 1976”

  1. I published a few years ago but work and aging parents took my attention away from my poetry. Now that I’m retired, I am back to writing. I am
    Overwhelmed by all the publishing options. I’ve had some refusals. I still feel like a developing poet, but hopefully I will navigate through the publication process.

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    1. Your poetry is awesome. We grow with every piece we write.
      My favorite self publishing companies are Smashwords and draft2digital.
      The worst experience I had was with LuLu. They released my book files to sellers on Amazon and I wasn’t even selling on Amazon. I cancelled with instantly because they denied it, but other people are still selling my book in print on Amazon.
      draft2digital has the easiest self formatting, but I had the most sales and steady monthly payments from Smashwords.
      I didn’t do Smashwords formatting myself. It was complex.
      draft2digital is ebooks, but is also introducing print. I was able to do my own formatting.
      Smashwords is ebook only right now.
      I love holding my book, Women Who Think Too Much, in my hand.
      Publish for you❤
      Enter any contest you can enter for free and have fun…JM

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