Love isn’t and love doesn’t


I’m not sure what love is.

I tried to write what I knew about love and I didn’t come up with a very long list.

So, I’m going to tell you what I do know.

I know what love isn’t and what love doesn’t.

Love is not the flush you get from your head to your toes when you meet someone who sparks your pheromones. Walk away or get burned. That’s lust.

Love is not the tingle you get between your legs when you see Sam Elliott in white briefs. Again, lust.

Love is not orgasm after orgasm. You could get that from a stranger who triggered your pheromones. Lust, again.

Love doesn’t manipulate, control and lie.

Love doesn’t run away emotionally and physically when times are hard.

Love doesn’t throw family or friends away if they screw up.

Love doesn’t hold you down by convincing you that you can’t do anything right, so you might as well give up before you even start.

Love doesn’t bind you in barbed wire because it’s afraid of losing you.

Love doesn’t lock you in because it’s afraid to let you out, afraid that somebody else might tempt you.

Love doesn’t control you by controlling your access to money.

Love doesn’t hit you or slap you.

Love isn’t cruel or verbally abusive.

Love doesn’t make you feel dead inside.

Love doesn’t care if you are pretty or if you have big boobs, gorgeous hair and a tiny waist.

Love doesn’t make you less…

Love doesn’t stand you up.

Love doesn’t break you into a million pieces.

Love isn’t a game of tug and war.

Love doesn’t capture your heart just to break it.

Love isn’t the presents you buy her after you made her cry.

Love doesn’t always last forever.

18 thoughts on “Love isn’t and love doesn’t”

  1. Yes, you have been blessed and I love that you still have it all inside your heart. That is why I loved your books so much. The love shone through the deep grief and your losses.
    I may have gone to far when saying love doesn’t last forever, because yes, some love does survive forever.
    I cannot picture the love for my children and grandchildren lasting anything but forever.
    My mom and my sisters too.
    I have to think about that last line.
    I often push a little past limits, especially when I am down on romantic love a little.
    I am more of a romantic then a realist, always reaching for the unreachable. Thank you so much for sharing the facts of your love with me and for making me think on that thought.
    Daughter is doing fantastic and I am doing…writing a lot, posting a little.
    I am in the midst of heavy duty soul searching and don’t always like what I find, but I do write it out. It would be no fun without challenging myself and things to work on, right?
    I hope you are doing well! Hugs, JM


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