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Pink Front Door…You Are So Beautiful To Me



This beautiful Pink Door is just one of my many 32nd anniversary presents from my husband. He wanted a green door but he painted the front door PINK to see me smile. This is the first song my husband dedicated to me 35 years ago, so it just seems like it all works together, my honey, the song, the PINK door and me.

14 thoughts on “Pink Front Door…You Are So Beautiful To Me

    1. Me too, I just love it! It was such a meaningful anniversary present, very special. He bought us PINK stuff today for when I visit you. We turned him PINK! Can’t wait to see you! XO Pinky


  1. Wonderful music, brings me back to first time I saw Joe, I thought he was weird, but wonderfully talented. Kids grew up hearing his songs with an even weirder performer, ME))))))))))))

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  2. He is amazing to watch…It’s as if the music is in control of his entire body…he’s gone from this reality, but his music is forever with us, in memory and in technology’s wonders. XO


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