The Mountain of Sand


On the mountain of sand
trying to stay balanced
holding breath because
one tear splashing
and it could crumble.
Not moving but
it doesn’t matter
the giant ants below
doing their work
one grain of sand
by one grain of sand
her fate will be decided
by others at the foot of
the mountain of sand.
On the ground distant
rescue teams and daughters
Take a chance and JUMP!
Busy trying not to crumble
a mountain of sand today
it’s clear she doesn’t listen
doesn’t even look their way.
Rescue teams and one daughter
give up in disgust and walk away.
One daughter refuses to leave
running alone beside
the mountain of sand
she waves, arms open wide
screaming in the wind,
“Take a chance and JUMP!
Holding breath
she is standing still
on the mountain of sand
and it is plain to see
there’ll be no jump today.

Words by Jeanne Marie
Photo by Rick McClellan

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