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Don’t Think


Don’t Think

Following my heart

down dead-end streets

letting my life be directed

by…my feet?

Don’t think, just go

don’t listen

to what you feel.

Live with your mistakes

it’s all part of the deal.

How did you learn

to live so unfulfilled?

Well, don’t think now

just take your

little green

antidepressant pill.


will turn to feelings

you really can’t let out

because if you do

you’ll lose it

and you’ll scream

and you’ll shout.

Be quiet.

Do what’s expected.

Don’t make any waves

just do what your told

be a good girl, behave.

Someday you’ll spill

from all of the strain

but until then,

be quiet feelings

you’re such a pain.

by Jeanne Marie


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