Don’t Think


Don’t Think

Following my heart

down dead-end streets

letting my life be directed

by…my feet?

Don’t think, just go

don’t listen

to what you feel.

Live with your mistakes

it’s all part of the deal.

How did you learn

to live so unfulfilled?

Well, don’t think now

just take your

little green

antidepressant pill.


will turn to feelings

you really can’t let out

because if you do

you’ll lose it

and you’ll scream

and you’ll shout.

Be quiet.

Do what’s expected.

Don’t make any waves

just do what your told

be a good girl, behave.

Someday you’ll spill

from all of the strain

but until then,

be quiet feelings

you’re such a pain.

by Jeanne Marie

My Daddy’s Legacy


A frightened child
Puts the pillow over her ears,
Daddy screams so loud
He doesn’t hear her tears.
He says that his family should die
They drain his very life,
He calls her mom a whore
But she’s a “Stand By Your Man” wife.
Daddy lurks over the small girl’s bed
He’s so quiet she almost wishes
That she could hear him scream!
Is that really a gun he holds?
Dear God, she prays,
Let this be a dream!
He never pulled the trigger
But he killed her just the same,
All the years of fearful waiting
Have drove her half insane.
The sun rises and she can’t wake up
Daddy ranted and raved all night,
How can she go to school
And pretend that she’s all right?
She watches her mother
Who plays her part so well,
Unlike the girl who doesn’t understand
Why she was born into this hell.
The years have gone by
And now a woman grown,
Still shackled to that frightened child
When the night falls, she is alone.
He said that his family should die
The woman often wishes that they had
Because living with her fears,
Has proven twice as bad.
by Jeanne Marie, 1969

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Why Not Everyday?