Where I Am Less


Where I Am Less
Knew coming through the door
happy, relaxed, smiling
there would be a price to pay.
Saw the tension on your face
waiting for me to take my place
beside you, where I belong…
on the couch
where I am less.
Went out on my own
played all day with a friend
not depressed, not alone.
daring to smile,
shut off the phone.
foolish woman
I am back home…
on the couch
where I am less.

by Jeanne Marie

13 thoughts on “Where I Am Less”

  1. Such a sad picture of domestic life. Why are we so cruel to each other, men or women? We should try to make each other more, or enough or maybe just loved.


  2. A feeling too many women can relate to and lately I am hearing of men in this shut down embrace of emotional and psychological abuse. It is sad that we still need a whole month to sensitize society this is still occurring and yet…


    1. Yes, it is sad. A month is not enough, we need everyday. But then, awareness…while nice, doesn’t really change anything for most victims of domestic abuse. We need more shelters and tools for the women who have children to raise alone when they leave, counseling, schooling, daycare and job training programs.


      1. totally agree…I keep wanting to get my workshops up and running again but work gets in the way and making a living. some shelters do not accept our free services here…I offered at a few and they just make me do laundry when I am willing to offer free life skill workshops. Sometimes we complicate things with too much red tape.


        1. I know, I worked at a restaurant and tried to donate the bread left over every day to a shelter, because we made fresh in the morning, and the shelter couldn’t take it because of health department rules. Women in my family have been in shelters and I saw the lack of genuine help, no effort to teach them to become confident, self-supporting or independent. It just kept them safe for a few weeks and then they went home till next time. I deeply respect anyone who works in the field of helping. I tried to do therapeutic poetry workshops and that didn’t go anywhere either. But every little thing we can do does count. You never know when you have touched a life or made a difference.


          1. You are right and in the WordPress community I do find there is lots of support. You`re making me think of ways to get through red tape…libraries, churches…I am new to my community…but I`ve always faced resistance from workers because I offer my services for free. But this little chat is strumming up some ideas and lots of food for thought.


            1. I am really glad to hear that. As I said, we never know how many people we touch with our words. I would like to get my book, Women Who Think Too Much, into shelters for women. It might help one out of a thousand but that’s okay. You can download it for free at smashwords.com this month. I’d be interested in what you think of it. Jeanne Marie


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