A Thousand Voices by Jodie Lynne (2008)

A Thousand Voices by Jodie Lynne

I-am-alone, yet a thousand voices surround me,

ricocheting off the sounding board that is my mind.

I take a deep breath only to feel the weight of time

as if the world rests upon my shoulders.

Tall dark fences build the walls that close me in

as the sound of freedom, close enough to touch,

is really a million miles away,

a soft breeze flows through my very core, like a crisp winter wind.

I taste his kiss on my mouth, as my head hits

the hardness of a rubber pillow, just as  I do when I rise.

Places and spaces blend together in the chaos of this insanity

that I alone have caused.

Pressure builds, yearning to combust amongst the ashes of my yester years.

Their faces stop the explosion, their eyes filled with the pain

I have inflicted, still, they plead for their mother’s touch alone-they go forsaken.

Just as his soul goes missing it’s other half, their souls scream out for me,

the same in the dead of night, as in the light of day.

Darkness at last engulfs me, even in the midst

of an afternoon’s sunlight.

I-am-alone, yet a thousand voices surround me.

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