The First Time


The first time your lips met mine my spirit knew

just who you were you were…

The Marlboro man I was waiting for all my life

Oh yes, of that I was sure.

I opened my arms and I opened my soul…

I drew you beneath the covers on my four-poster bed

where I found more treasures then my heart could hold.

We giggled and we loved and we snuggled until dawn

beneath the antique chenille bedspread.

The very next morning, I asked you to marry,

“Sure I could see that,” is what you replied.

When you left to go home to get your clothes

for just those few short hours, I felt like I died.

You moved in the next day, maybe too fast

but our passion was burning so high

it was beyond my imagination to think

that such an inferno could ever pass.

Thirty-five years later and still, for you,

my body responds exactly the same

but now I cry myself to sleep.

We are playing on a different field today

anger has driven us to play a different game.

A game I can’t win no matter how hard I strive

each time you make an excuse to pull away

I feel like that first day when you left and

I die and I die and I die…