On Aging Disgracefully

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

So yesterday, I put on a sun-dress and all I could see was my skinny, saggy arms and my skinny, stick legs and no boobs, so I changed. I put on stretch pants because they look good on skinny legs and a big t-shirt which hid the no boob situation.

But it was too late.

I had already seen myself in that sun-dress and as I’d I removed it I’d thought; this may be the last time I put on a little sun-dress because I look like a crazy cat lady wearing little girl clothes.

Which is why I’m advising you to think carefully before you lose weight when you are over sixty…

I lost twenty-five pounds and the first thing to go was my boobs. It wasn’t long before my unlined face bloomed with wrinkles from hell. Then the neck caught up to the face. I’m not kidding. I…

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2 thoughts on “On Aging Disgracefully”

  1. Aging can be frustrating. I was down 25 pounds in 2018, and I had so much joint pain. I slowly gained back the 25 pounds, and my joints are a lot happier. One really sad reality of weight loss for women is their boobs often lose the most weight. Which reminds me of an unrelated boob story. When my primary care physician retired, I had to go to his office and pick up my medical files. I hadn’t been to his office for several years because I get most of my care at the Cancer Center, and my insurance had dropped him. When I walked in to get my files, his office manager stood up, thrust out her chest and said “Look? No boobs!” “¿Que pasó?” I asked. She said she had breast cancer and told the oncologist to “just cut ’em off”. She said, “I don’t need boobs these days!” I thought that was a pretty healthy attitude for what is a devastating situation for many women. I’m not a woman, but I think the wrinkles and sagging skin would be more frustrating than having smaller boobs. You look good in the skinny photo.

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