Grouting Our Way To Prison Reform

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

20171211_161022The other day I sat on the side of my bathtub re-grouting the tile and I had plenty of time to daydream. As my mind wandered, I think I found the solution to overcrowded jails and repeat offenders.
Grouting is an exhausting, tedious process. While smearing a sponge full of grout into the numerous cracks in the tile, I began to regret that I had ever begun this foul task.
I hadn’t the faintest clue that the worst was yet to come. I let the grout dry for fifteen minutes as suggested and then took a dry cloth to wipe off the excess, just as the directions instructed me.
Ha! The excess grout did not wipe off and I had to scrape it off, inch by inch. I spent a total of eight hours getting the grout on and then off the tiles in my tiny bathroom.
To pass the…

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