The Cliff’s Edge

She walks
Along the cliff’s edge
Looking down.
Behind her
A ravine of lies,
And the man
She loves.
Shattered dreams
Are all she wears,
They are her only cover
From the icy rain.
He walks
Behind her,
Listening with her to
The waves, crashing below.
The thunder booms!
The lightning strikes!
The ground quakes!
She is afraid.
How could she dare to love?
He waits.
He cannot save her
His love sent her to the edge,
He cannot touch her
Or she will jump,
So he stays behind her.
She weighs the choices
While she plays with her life,
Balance a thing of the past
She walks along the cliff’s edge.


2 thoughts on “The Cliff’s Edge”

    1. Amen. It’s incredible to go back and see how painful it’s always been and how stubborn I am. I held on, no matter what. I gave everything until there was nothing left, I almost dissapeared. Going thru past writing is healing and reinforces my decisions this year. So very sad, to hold on for so long, but that’s codependent love.


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