Spirit Whispers 3


I want what you want God.
That’s all I want in my life. Nothing else.
I want to write what you want me to write.
I want to breathe the air you want me to breathe.
I want to see you in my life everyday, in every way.
That’s all I want.
Lead me where I need to go, teach me to be who I need to be.
God, heal my broken heart and let me learn the lessons I am meant to learn.
I want what you want God.

2 thoughts on “Spirit Whispers 3”

  1. Yep. You get it. I suspect God is not supposed to be a granter of our wishes, but rather a voice we need to actively seek and ask to follow. Good for you. I am fatigued by some people’s concept that God exists to answer our prayers, rather than our prayers exist to be receptive to guidance from God. Help me God to hear your guidance.

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