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I Am Glass

I am glass and I am broken.
I am damaged.
Stay back
my sharp edges
will cut you
and my pain
will slice you.
My insanity will crush you
as my love chokes you.
I am glass and I am broken.

14 thoughts on “I Am Glass

  1. Forgive me for this, but as soon as I saw this, an old historical story hit my brains. Charles VI of France became King at the age of 12. Charles went through a long (probably schizophrenic or some other yet undiagnosed issue) during which he believed he was made of glass and that if people came near him, he would break.He insisted iron rods be inserted into his clothing to prevent him from breaking. It is believed that one of his daughters, Isabelle who married in England was also afflicted with the same mental illness and also believed she was made of glass.

    It is one of the haunting moments in history. I have always remember hearing “Help me, I am made of glass.”


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