I am test driving a quit smoking program of my own design.
The first concept involves hiding my cigarettes.
It works rather well because I wander around for about twenty minutes wondering where I left them.
Then I remember that I hid them, but I don’t remember where I hid them and that takes another half hour or so.
I call this phase of the plan Hide and Freak.
Moving on, the other thing that I am testing involves TDCO.
I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about new initial named programs, but I promise you this one is unique based on the fact that it is Too Damn Cold Out to go outside and smoke.
I moved home to New England to challenge this theory, but now I’m a Believer.
Sometimes, it’s just Too Damn Cold Out to go outside and smoke.
My husband almost sabotaged that tool, trying to be nice.
He said, “Just smoke in the house,” even though he hates it.
I said, “No, thank you,” but don’t think it doesn’t cross my mind now and then, especially when it’s -14 degrees outside.
Damn. Need some more tricks to get this program off the ground.
Already tried every product on this planet so I know I need a new program.
All ideas welcome, except “just quit smoking.”
I do that every day.

6 thoughts on “TDCO”

  1. Have you tried e-cigarettes? Me neither but they are supposed to be better for you and the environment than those burning bush ones. When I decided to quit I did it gradually by stopping smoking in the evenings (because it was TDCO) then I cut down further by only smoking on the days I worked, that took some doing when I had 3 days off a week. I then tried cutting down by only smoking on my way to and from work (that was harder) but after a period of 4 years I was down to 1 pack a week. Then I limited myself to 16 a week (4 every day I worked). Following that I thought I don’t really enjoy smoking any more so in 2010 I quit completely and haven’t gone back since. Good luck with your current attempt but will power is in short supply with any drug that gives you a buzz.

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    1. Yes, tried e-cig and vapes but they are now causing popcorn lung, very bad and irreversible. (Not on me, but have seen it in others.) I have done the nicotine gum and patches, but they just seem to encourage wanting the real thing.
      I have quit cold turkey several times and loved every smoke free minute. Longest was seven months. Down to half a pack a day now, but really need to take the cold turkey plunge again. Thank you for your support! Congratulations on quitting!

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