The Writer’s Husband

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Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

The Writer’s Husband
“I got it! I got the P.O. Box, so we’re in business now! Let’s go out to eat. I’m starving! Let’s celebrate!” she said, as she exploded into the bedroom.
“I almost didn’t go to the post office, cause I couldn’t find my keys right away, and I said, ‘oh oh, it must be a sign’ and then I found my keys, but when I got to the post office I couldn’t find my checkbook, and I stood outside the post office for a minute, thinking, if I don’t have my checkbook, then it’s not meant to be, cause it’s almost four-thirty!”
“I kept telling myself that I’m stupid to try to start a business, based on my writing. It all seemed so right last night after you read my newsletter, but when I woke up this afternoon I was afraid that I really didn’t have anything to…

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