Creating An Effective Resume

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie


The easiest way to teach you to elaborate on your skills and talents, is to show you my own resume as an example. After you read this, if you need still need help, please email me and I’ll be glad to read over your resume. I’ll even add my own touches to help you enhance it.

Women Who Think Too Much Publications
Publisher, Editor: Jeanne Marie

To obtain a challenging position within your company’s structure while earning above average pay, working part time hours and securing a position with potential for advancement. This will be a second job, so don’t expect too much of me and I hope your objective isn’t to harass me if I’m late for work. Problems that arise at home do have priority.

Hands On–I can change dirty diapers, wash baby bottles, wipe the green snot off the face of a runaway child, wash hair that doesn’t want to…

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12 thoughts on “Creating An Effective Resume”

  1. OMGosh my laughing ribs! This resume looks really familiar!!! Were you spying on me while writing; it’s a skill you forgot to list! Bahaha…I know I have read this post before but I had to read it again. JM, I love you and your sense of humor! HUGE HUGS

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