i will stay awake for you~because I love you~I’m here for you sweet one

This is a wonderful post from Michelle Marie and it sparked a memory for me. When I was younger (early 20’s) I was struggling with alcoholism. I used to call my sister at all hours of the night and she always got out of bed for me. Her husband would flip out when I called her in the middle of the night so she would take the phone in to her bathroom and sit there on the cold floor, talking to me for hours.
I have been sober since I was twenty-three and along with God’s grace, my sister helped me to stay alive with those late night calls.
Her son died a few months ago and when I talk to her, I tell her to call me anytime, I will wake up for her.

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Sweet B did this a lot with me when I could not sleep I would wake up and see her awake and she would say what do you need I am here for you and that’s how it started @3 am this wonderful friendship!

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